Our Visit to Magnolia Silos {Wordless Wednesday}

After a week that included the installation of a new transmission into my car (oh yes, emergency repairs on the road are not a lot of fun) we finally arrived at our intended destination, Waco, Texas, to visit the Magnolia Silos. Those of you who watch Chip and Joanna on Fixer Upper will know just what I am talking about. The bakery was amazing and I had a wonderful time browsing (and buying) in the market. Here are some pics from our adventure.


From our first visit, we arrived just after closing 🙁


There is a free trolley plus a fellow in a six-seater golf cart to drive you around the district


Who can disagree?



Hubby’s comment? “She knows how to make cookies!”


Another pretty display


Somebody loved the cupcakes

Absolutely worth a visit…or two or three or…

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