Throwback Thursday: A Village of Christmas Past at the Clark County Museum

I have a tree just like this at home
We’re heading home for Christmas now from our road trip to Las Vegas and Boulder City and starting to see snow on the mountain tops and on the sides of the road. This does NOT make me a happy camper. 

No, although I was born in Calgary, Alberta, in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this girl has never been a fan of snow, ice, or any of those sports you would play in them.

Snow at Zion National Park – Pretty as long as I’m in a nice warm car

Don’t get me wrong, I love where we live and Iove celebrating Christmas where there is snow. The few times I have been in a warm climate on Christmas day have seemed odd (which is sort of weird for me since I’m pretty sure there was no snow around the stable at the first Christmas.)

Anyway, I love to see the snow from the inside of our snug livingroom and I don’t even mind going out in it to visit friends and family. I just don’t like being cold!

Almost every year hubby and I travel south for two or three weeks during his annual vacation and one of our favorite stops is Las Vegas. As our 10-year-old grandson says, “it’s surprisingly Christmassy there.”

We manage to take in the light display at the Speedway and the Conservatory at Bellagio plus many others but one of my personal favorites is our (almost) annual visit to the Clark County Museum in Henderson (the south end of Vegas.)

Santa greeting visitors outside the Goumond House – 1931

I love walking through their Heritage Street where there are homes from important periods in local history are decorated for the holidays in period style.

This year we attended the Heritage Holidays event where EJ enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies and was able to make a vintage style Christmas tree ornament to take home.

EJ wore his winter coat because he said he was getting used to the
Las Vegas heat so he was cold that night

The little motor court and canned-ham style trailer were decked out in fine style for the evening. I could just imagine hauling it along that stretch of Route 66 between Kingman and Oatman – now that would be some drive!

There was a line-up to get inside of the little travel trailer

I love seeing how the houses are set up each year. Hubby doesn’t notice but I have photos from several years and can see the changes. 

This year, the family greeted us in the livingroom of the 1941 house
(wish we didn’t have to look through glass at the displays)
The museum has quite a collection of vintage Christmas ornaments that they use on the various trees. They remind me of my gramma’s tree from when I was little.

And then there are the tables all done up for the festivities.

Ready for punch or Tom and Jerry (spiked eggnog)
Tea and cookies anyone?
And finally, what Christmas celebration would be complete without music. I can see clearly in my mind’s eye, family and friends gathered around this beautiful piano, singing Christmas carols and sharing the joy of the season!

If you’re a fan of vintage homes and find yourself with a couple of hours free, take the short drive out to the museum, especially during the holidays. You’ll be glad you did.

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