Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

I’m the kind of person who likes to get my Christmas shopping done nice and early so I can enjoy the holiday season without having to worry about fighting the crowds at the mall. I much prefer visiting light displays, sitting on the curb at a Santa Claus parade, or spending the evening watching a favorite holiday movie with my family.

There is one thing that inevitably gets left until the last minute though; stocking stuffers!

These days, I do much of my shopping online and am thoroughly enjoying my Amazon Prime Membership. Not only am I able to get things delivered quickly and for free, I am also able to access Prime Video and now Prime Music at no additional cost. So this year, much of my last minute shopping is being done right here at my keyboard.

Continuing with the 12 Days Blogmas Challenge, I decided to share seven of my favorite accessories here today.

1. Fancy Mittens – My girls have always loved fancy mittens (when you live in the prairies and wear them for six months of the year you like to have something fun) so when I saw these cute Hedgehog gloves on Amazon, I knew they would fit the bill.

2. Bluetooth Beanie Cap – One of our girls is never without her headphones while she’s outside working in the garden or doing chores. This can get pretty cold in the winter so a Bluetooth Beanie Cap that connects to her phone would make a great gift.

3. Sleep Headphones – When I first saw a set of sleep headphones, I thought they were the oddest thing but now that I’ve tried them I totally get it. They are super handy when traveling since they act as an eye mask and headphones that block light and noise when you connect them to your phone and tune to your favorite relaxing music.

4. Travel Organizer – This one might require a little larger stocking and you can use it year round but its reasonable price should fit your budget. We travel a lot and I like to be ready to go at a moment’s notice so I always have my travel organizer packed (you never know when you might get an invitation to a weekend concert or romantic getaway do you.) This travel organizer even comes with little bottles and jars of your favorite products so you won’t need to lug along big bottles or resort to using whatever brand your hotel supplies.  

5. Charger Cable Organizer – I don’t know about you but my charging cables usually look like Clark Griswold’s Christmas lights – one giant knot of wires jumbled in the bottom of my bag. This little organizer looks like the perfect answer to keeping them all in good shape and easy to find when I need them! (Girls, are you reading this?)

6. Memory Card Case – When I travel, I take a lot of pictures and now our grandson has started to as well. Keeping track of all the little memory cards can be a hassle so having a little organizer that will slip easily into the pocket of a camera bag (or a Christmas stocking) would be a great help.

7. Multi-tool – I’ve included a multi-tool on my list because it’s the one accessory my husband never travels without. There always seems to be a need for little scissors, screwdriver, or (my favorite) a corkscrew. 

I hope this list will help provide you with some ideas for those little last minute gifts. 

*This post contains affiliate links. There is no extra cost to you for buying through the links but I may receive a small commission if you do.

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