My 12 Days of Blogmas Wish List

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Here we are, on Day 10 of the 12 Days of Blogmas, and I am trying to think of items for my wish list. To be honest, my family generally knows just what I want for Christmas (I don’t really hide my likes and dislikes plus they all know what my favorite hobbies are.)

Trying to get some ideas for this post, I headed over to one of my most popular shopping options, Amazon, and clicked into their Deals Store. Of course, I found a couple of things that hubby and I have been looking for to make traveling with electronics and cameras easier so I took advantage of finding them for a terrific price. (Of course, I did pick them up on a lightning sale so they are a bit higher now.)

There are so many things that could easily be added to my wishlist, a camera bag that will carry both my DSLRs and the lenses I pack along with me (especially for parades and National Parks since I hate having to swap lenses while I’m taking photos.) A portable power bank that can charge both my phone and hybrid PC at the same time. And a streaming stick that will allow me to run some of our homeschool curriculums on the TV plus give us more options in hotels to watch our streaming channels and other free ones. The ROKU looks like it would fit the bill.

Another handy item I used to have (before it was misplaced somewhere in our travels) is a wide angle/macro close up lens adapter. An instructor once recommended this handy little gadget in a class and I used it a lot.

The fifth item on my wishlist is another compact flash card for my old Nikon D70 camera. Although it’s a few years old, I still carry it in my bag and have taken some great pictures with it. The only issue I have these days is that it doesn’t take the newer flash memory cards so I have to keep an adapter handy for transferring my files to my laptop or Chromebook.

Wishlist item number six is a Kindle reader or tablet. I have other, older tablets but I find myself reading on them a lot more these days and with my Prime Membership, I have access to Prime Music and Prime Video. I still haven’t decided which way I’d like to go with it.

How many of you have an Insta Pot (or one of the other brands of rapid electric pressure cookers?) Maybe you picked one up on a Black Friday sale. If you do have one (and have cooked anything savory in it) you have by now realized that Insta Pots can stink. It isn’t the pot really, but the silicone sealing rings so I definitely have a set of new color-coded rings on my list (one for savory, one for sweet.)

Another item that looks handy is the carry case for the Insta Pot. We have traveled with a crock pot for years so we can prepare meals easily while on the road and are seriously considering swapping this to our 6-quart Insta Pot. The carry case would make this easy.

So since the name of my blog is Vintage Blue Suitcase, you might figure out that I love vintage items and luggage. While this is totally true unless I am traveling with family members who don’t mind helping to load my vintage suitcase onto a luggage cart and up to our room, I find it a bit of a hassle to do it all myself. I have to admit, I’ve been eyeing a set on Amazon that has vintage styling but also a handle and wheels.

Item number ten on my wishlist, a gift card to spend on all of those wishlist items that you might not have been lucky enough to receive.

So there you have it, my wishlist. Of course, I’ve had a lot more fun shopping for our daughters and two grandsons this year. They are the greatest gift a mother could ever receiveđź’–

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