LitWits 2019 {My Review}

I have loved learning through reading for my entire life. This is something that I have always tried to pass on to our girls and now our grandsons. When we had the opportunity to review up to four LitWits Kits from LitWits I responded quite enthusiastically.

Our Choices

Once we received our coupon codes, EJ and I had a look through the online catalog where he chose the Litwits Kits for:

Created by sisters Becky and Jenny who love to learn by reading, these kits bring classic and vintage books to life for your homeschooling child. Each kit is presented as a webpage that includes worksheets, prop ideas, activities, and ideas about what the characters might have eaten in the book. The sisters have included a printable PDF for each one as well if that works better for your family.

How We Used Our Kits

I was a bit concerned at first glance since there are so many resources and ideas included in each kit that it might take us too long to complete each one. As my readers are aware, EJ has ADHD and there are sweet spots for the amount of time he studies one item or other. For this reason, we often work on a book, leave to another, and then circle back to the first one.

I need not have been concerned though since these kits are designed to be flexible. We were able to work with each one during the review period and still have activities to do in the future. I like having a curriculum that we can personalize to our individual needs.

EJ did his work in a notebook so we didn’t have to print the worksheets

Because we travel a lot, we are very used to adapting our work to suit our lifestyle so having one that makes it easy is a bonus. One of the things we love to do is listen to books on Audible as we drive since it provides us with the opportunity to discuss the stories while we are all together and can give our full attention to it (not the driver, of course, they have to pay attention to the road).

EJ’s Thoughts

I’m glad I chose the stories and kits that I did. They all worked in with field trips that we did this summer so it was great to listen to the books in the car on our way. I liked the activities like using mnemonics to remember the planet names. I made a funny one, Magpie Veronica eats many jelly beans. She uses Ned’s puppy.

Visiting the Jelly Belly factory was super cool but I didn’t see any Oompa Loompas like in Willy Wonka’s factory, LOL! We visited two of the factories on the list in the LitWits kit. I want to go visit some more.

My Thoughts

Overall I was pleased with our LitWits Kits and I see several other titles that look interesting as well. I love that Becky and Jenny are focussing on the classics and other vintage books. It seems to me that too many programs are being created for more modern stories that do not have the complexity of characters as these time-proven titles do.

I was able to find an Audible Roald Dahl collection that was read by the author. This helped us understand his feelings and meanings in the story. I also liked how the children’s character flaws were shown and how the good child was rewarded in the end. Much like the “and the moral to the story…” type of cartoons and books were written when I was a child.

Final Thoughts

I found these kits to be a terrific fit for our family and I look forward to the time when Little Monster is big enough to have that light of understanding appear in his eyes after studying this type of book. There are so many titles in the collection already and I am certain it will continue to grow in the future.

Several other crew family have reviewed a variety of kits so I encourage you to click on the image below and see what they have to say about your favorite titles.

LitWits Kits {LitWits Reviews}


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2 thoughts on “LitWits 2019 {My Review}”

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely overview/review of LitWits Kits! How great that you were able to adapt them to your traveling (lucky you!) lifestyle. EJ, we LOVED that you popped in there with your own thoughts. That’s so important to us, knowing what worked well (GREAT mnemonic!) … also what doesn’t, so please let us know if you have ideas for improvement. We’ve been to the Jelly Belly factory too, and loved it.. where else did you visit? Aren’t factory tours the best? There’s a little “Charlie” in all of us :D. We hope you have many more LitWitting adventures in the years to come. Happy reading! Becky and Jenny from LitWits

    1. We visited Hammond’s in Denver as well. We live the caramel marshmallows there 🙂

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