Drive Thru History Adventures (My review)

Drive Thru History Adventures
We have been fortunate in being able to review Drive Thru History Adventures for the past few weeks and I have to tell you it has quickly become our favorite homeschool history curriculum. This Homeschool Video Curriculum is amazing. History is one of our favorite topics but even we got excited about Drive Thru History and Dave’s adventures!

For those of you who grew up thinking history is boring (or have children who do) this homeschool history video series will change your mind. Whether you have younger children who simply use the videos or older ones who utilize the entire curriculum; I think you will be pleasantly surprised at their level of engagement with the well-presented topics.

Drive Thru History Adventures
We reviewed the American History curriculum. I appreciated that the lessons began in Europe and provide a solid base for the discovery of America and it’s settlement. (I posted this on the member’s only group Facebook page and received this response: “Well, we really wanted some good pizza, so…)’ No wonder the kids love these guys! (Humor goes a long way in our house.)

We used the Discussion Questions verbally for the most part since they were a little advanced for a 10-year-old but EJ did enjoy doing some of the worksheets as well. Being Canadian and learning about U.S. History for the first time may have been a part of it. We did have some lively discussions and connected some of Dave’s travels with spots we’ve visited ourselves over the past few years.

It was great to have all the required documents you needed for the lessons in the resource section. Having documents like the Declaration of Independence and George Washington’s First Inaugural Address made it very easy to study beyond the videos and answer questions that came up during our discussions. They were helpful in sparking additional research as well.
Drive Thru History Television is another part of the Adventures. You can watch them on your computer or the convenient app (we use Android but it comes in iOS as well.) You can also download the videos on your app, a feature that came in handy on a recent road trip. Hearing the laughter from the back seat I asked EJ what he was watching. His response,

“I’m watching Dave, he just fell out of his Jeep!”
“Fell out of his Jeep?”
“Yes, he was visiting Boston and talking about Paul Revere’s ride and in the outtakes at the end, he fell right out of his Jeep!”

Dave does have a way of keeping the children’s attention but his videos are entertaining for the whole family. You almost feel as though you know him personally. As though he is sending videos home to family and friends from his great adventures. By watching his videos you can clearly see his passion to, “get our kids fired-up about learning important truths and becoming better human beings.”

And Drive Thru History Adventures contains much more than the three curriculums. There are also sideroads that include the History of Groundhog Day and the History of Presidents’ Day, Dig Deeper that includes a Gospel Reading Plan and the Lincoln Thanksgiving Proclamation, plus some Behind the Scenes videos that provide even more opportunities to learn history in a fun and engaging manner. (There are many more titles and topics, too many for me to list here and there are more being added every week!)

Drive Thru History Adventures
And don’t be concerned that the humor and engaging manner will lessen your child’s learning. In fact, we found that EJ was so eager to watch the adventures and tell us all about them that he was paying closer attention than he does at other times. (Having ADHD can make paying attention a struggle.)

While we were reviewing the American HIstory curriculum, EJ was eager to look at the Bible History as well. Again, this curriculum contains professionally filmed videos and a wonderful selection of discussion questions and resources to go with them. We’re looking forward to beginning this new section in the coming weeks.

Joining the Drive Thru History Member’s Only Facebook group makes you feel like a part of the family. Whether it’s Dave posting about his family having the flu and feeling as though he needed a hazmat suit to the regular posting of interesting articles that fit in with the video curriculums, there is always something interesting going on there. I also appreciate how quick they are to respond to comments on the page. EJ was happily surprised when we received a response to one of our posts (see above.)
Another pleasant surprise that came with the annual subscription was a surprise envelope in the mail containing Drive Thru History patches, stickers, and an autographed postcard. EJ was quick to lay claim to the card and add it to the bulletin board in his room 🙂
There is only one negative we have found with this program, actually, EJ is the one who found it, Dave hasn’t been to Canada to drive through our history! I know this would make one young man in Alberta very happy.

I highly recommend this amazing product. And because we all like to watch our budgets (well at least I know I do) I want to let you know that right now Drive Thru History Adventures is offering a 20% off the annual subscription in the for readers of the Old Schoolhouse magazine.
A great reason to sign up today!

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