California…NOLA…Florida Here We Come

After a weekend spent watching Blue Jays baseball, the Giants beat the Bills, and the Broncos beat the Vikings, we settled in for Sunday Night Football and a great win by the Saints over the Cowboys. As we were watching the late game, among the requisite clips of the local area, there was a video of a coffee shop (Cafe Du Monde perhaps) frying up beignets. My husband, who is a huge fan of these tasty, sugared fried squares of dough, looked up from his newly arrived New Orleans Visitors Guide and asked where our hotel was and how far it was to walk to the French Quarter, it seems he was listening to the TV after all. I do have to admit he was pretty happy to see Drew Brees throw his 400th touchdown pass…what a way to win a game!

I find it amusing that when we are planning for a vacation, I check sport schedules and my husband checks menus. I can’t tell you how excited I was to find out the Jays are opening their season in St. Pete against the Rays since we already planned to be in Florida for the beginning of April. Of course, I now have a list of the most popular restaurants in the area along with links to local museums and historical parks (we share a love of history, especially being able to see it through local eyes) courtesy of my husband’s internet searches. Lucky me to have someone that works around my passions. Here’s hoping we can fit some siteseeing in around the game schedule.

So, as I scrape the frost off my windshield each morning, I think about sitting in the sunshine, enjoying a hot dog and listening to the crack of Bautista’s bat as he hits a home run at Tropicana Field (ok, I know there is a roof at Tropicana and the home run is wishful thinking but it’s my dream sequence…maybe it will be a grand slam!).

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