A Drive Through Kolob Canyons (Wordless Wednesday)

I love taking exits off the Interstates when we travel. This allows us to find some nice spots just slightly off the beaten path to get out of the vehicle and stretch our legs while taking pictures and having a snack or picnic lunch.

One of our regular spots has been Kolob Canyons, a part of Zion National Park that has an interesting drive plus some nice viewpoints and a parking lot at the top, complete with pit bathrooms, that is handy for a pit stop.

We’ve recently missed being able to take the scenic drive through as Kolob Canyons have been closed since last spring and reopen until sometime early this year (of course that could be delayed due to the partial government shutdown so I’ll be keeping an eye on their site for any news.

So for today, I thought I would share with you some photos from our previous visits. Enjoy!

DSC_0508 (1)DSC_0490 (1)DSC_0475DSC_0470 (1)DSC_0523 (1)DSC_0540 (3)DSC_0639 (3)DSC_0508 (3)DSC_0497 (3)DSC_0477 (1)

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1 thought on “A Drive Through Kolob Canyons (Wordless Wednesday)”

  1. Renee K. says:

    Nice scenic drive. It makes me miss the mountains!

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