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Not so Heritage, Heritage Road Rally

One of the activities advertised during the Crowsnest Pass Heritage Days was a Heritage Road Rally. The idea was that you would check in at the museum in Coleman and pick up your instruction kit before heading out on the self-timed drive, checking in at several additional stops along the way before returning to the museum and depositing your time…

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Camping? Why Yes I do That Once in a Blue Moon

Having a grandson after being a mom of three daughters has definitely changed the focus of family vacations. A visit to Disneyland for instance, features a lot more time looking for Captain Hook and Goofy than Cinderella and Snow White. Our most recent favorite thing is camping. Not that our girls didn’t like to camp but this was usually reserved…

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Is Tiered Admission Pricing Coming to Disney Parks?

In the midst of getting ready for our Disney trip, I’ve been reading about their latest idea to have tiered pricing for park admission. I immediately had a vision of park guests arguing at the turnstiles because their Bronze ticket would not allow them admittance because it was a Gold day. The devil may be in the details as Disney considers…

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Looking Forward to a Sparkling Vacation

Things have been busy around our place this weekend as three of us get ready for our upcoming road trip to LA. When we started out planning the trip we looked at various locales and tried to decide how we wanted to spend our two-week vacation. Favorites like Denver, Albuquerque and San Francisco were quickly replaced as we learned more…

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