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Learning to Type with the UltraKey Family Subscription – My Review

We recently had the opportunity to review the UltraKey Online Family Subscription from Bytes of Learning. I have to say we have tried a few different keyboarding programs over the years without a ton of success. Some felt too adult (boring) for a 10-year-old and others felt more like games. UltraKey Online has been different. I decided to test it out alongside our…

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Memories of Yesterday’s Kitchen

Who did most of the cooking when you were growing up? Just thinking about this question has me remembering the hearty beef stews and pot roasts that my mother would prepare. There would always be enough roast beef left over to make a shepherd’s pie the next day. This would be an all-day affair with my dad securing the meat…

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Homeschool Day at the Calgary Zoo

When making the decision to homeschool, one of our daughter’s biggest concerns was socialization. Changing from a daily schedule of before-and-after school care plus full-day school to being an only child who homeschools would be a big change so we wanted to be sure there would be opportunities for interaction with other children. As it turns out, we didn’t need to…

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Vacation Pics from our Budding Photographer

Our grandson has always shown an interest in taking pictures. I can remember buying him his first little VTech camera (it was orange) when he was only a toddler. Since then, many different pocket cameras have come and gone. Some ate batteries so fast it was less expensive to purchase something new; others that decided they would prefer to keep…

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