Calvert Homeschool Online 2019 {My Review}Calvert Homeschool Online 2019 {My Review}

For the past several weeks we have been reviewing Calvert Homeschool Online from Calvert Homeschool. This is an online homeschool program that offers courses in a variety of core subjects for grades 3 to 12. Family and individual subscriptions are available. We received a 6-month online subscription. As we move closer to high school I […]

D is for the Dream of Disneyland {Blogging Through the Alphabet}D is for the Dream of Disneyland {Blogging Through the Alphabet}

How could I imagine doing a series on Disney history without including D is for Disneyland. Of course, since we are a family, and I have blogged through the alphabet more than once, I already have a post named D is for Disneyland that talks about a recent visit there. What to do, what to […]