Vacation Pics from our Budding Photographer

Our grandson has always shown an interest in taking pictures. I can remember buying him his first little VTech camera (it was orange) when he was only a toddler.

Since then, many different pocket cameras have come and gone. Some ate batteries so fast it was less expensive to purchase something new; others that decided they would prefer to keep their lens covers half closed at all times (great for abstract art but not for family vacation photos!)

Now that he is getting a bit older (he’s 10) and better able to take care of his things, we decided to buy him a nicer camera that he can use in auto setting to begin and then advance to using it on manual.

Visiting our local camera store we found him a mirrorless Nikon 1 that fits the bill. Buying the refurbished J1 rather than going with a new J5 made the cost comparable to purchasing another point and click but is of much higher quality. And like my Nikon DSLRs, we have spare batteries and extra memory cards on hand for him (a huge plus when you have long days traveling.)

EJs new camera – he did the frosty effect with PicMonkey

Along with his new camera, I signed him up for the Techie Homeschool Photography Club. 

As regular readers of my blog will know, I’m a big fan of the Techie Homeschool Mom’s online unit studies and this club runs along the same type of outline, incorporating the Udemy Kid’s Photography Class for weekly instruction and filling in with videos and books to help your child learn the history, how, and why of picture taking through the ages.

So having worked through his six weeks of lessons, and many practice pictures, he was ready to take his photography on the road.

First stop, our hotel in Las Vegas where he photographed the new “Kevin” puppy from Home Alone 2 that his papa bought him at Raising Cane’s (his second favorite chicken fingers right behind the ones at Cracker Barrel, those come with mac and cheese!)

Next was his lunch at Lindo Machoacan (you’ll note he couldn’t resist a bite first 😇 )

Then came classic cars in the parade at Boulder City (seriously, what boy doesn’t love classic cars?!)

The Flinstone’s car is a classic….right?

Our hotel room, complete with Melissa and Doug wooden car set for his little brother (he had to open it to check it out.)

Breakfast…that was one huge pancake from the Southwest Cafe!

Native American Heritage Month display at Lake Mead Visitor Center.
Beach Regulations (he said he was trying hard to follow the rule of thirds.)
Brooklyn Pizza while waiting for the Reba, Brooks and Dunn concert (he LOVES country music 😊)

And finally, photos of the Christmas display in the Bellagio Conservatory.

As I’m sure you can tell, he’s been having a lot of fun with this and is now asking for his own Instagram account so he can share his work with his friends. 

He has also discovered that he likes using my DSLRs and my phone to take photos and using Pic Monkey for editing and making collages.

I have discovered that photography is one of the least messy options for homeschool art studies. Seems like a win-win for both of us!

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