Summer Learning in our Homeschool


Summer has arrived and with it the promise of lazy afternoons spent in the great outdoors. Whether we’re exploring nature in the stand of trees behind our house, watching for ducklings or goslings in the marsh or discovering new patches of wildflowers on the side of a country road, we love spending time together in the sunshine (and even in the rain).

Another spot we like to spend time in is our garden. Digging your hands into the warm soil and carefully placing seedlings into their new home is satisfying and reminds us that all of our work now will provide us with the bounty of nature in the coming weeks and months. Getting your kiddos out into the sunshine and away from screentime can help expand their imaginations and teach them to look at things through a new lens. 

The love of gardening is something I share with our grandson who can’t wait to shop for seeds and bedding out plants each spring. From the time he was a tiny tyke, he loved digging in the dirt and helping family and friends in the garden. Discovering the different colors and textures of the soil, the leaves, and the petals were exciting to him. I wonder if this is part of the reason green is his favorite color!

Working together with your children and grandchildren can be a terrific way of sharing your love of nature as well as bringing fun homeschool lessons outdoors. Art, math, photography, science, the possibilities are endless. And many of these lessons can be built upon once summer is a memory and we concentrate our attention indoors once again.

If you love to get out in the garden with your kids, grab yourself a nice tall glass of iced tea and see how we bring learning into our garden!

For the rest of this post, join me over at Minnesota Country Girl where I have the privilege of guest posting for Summer in the Outdoors: A Homeschool Series of Gardening, Foraging & Nature Studies.

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