Motivation Monday {5 Days of Homeschool Encouragement}


Day 1 of our Review Crew blog hop and I find myself wondering what to write about. Yes, the title is Motivation Monday but what can I write that will be motivating to other homeschooling families out there reading this.

My motivation is that I get to spend time with my grandson (yes, I am a homeschooling gramma) and I get to travel (how much better can life get than that!) I’m sure everyone has their own reasons and motivations for homeschooling so what can I say to tap into your motivation.

I guess if I were to write a letter to myself when I first began homeschooling I would include in big bold letters, LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS and LISTEN TO YOUR CHILD (sorry to yell with my capital letters but I did say I would use big bold letters).

One of the greatest lessons I have learned over the past few years from other homeschool moms that I communicate with and admire is to not let yourself get stuck into the routine of doing school at home (unless of course, that is what works best for your family). Be sure as you are setting up your school year that you aren’t too rigid in your planning (no matter how well laid out, life happens and it’s better to be flexible right from the start).

For me it’s a bit like scheduling too many things to do on a road trip. Of course I do it every time but I’ve learned to be flexible and understand every item on my list will not be checked off by the time we head home (but there may be additional items scribbled in at the bottom of the list).


Taking your work outdoors and into nature can be motivating for everyone

When we started out I was concerned that we had to cover all of the topics in the same way and in the same order as the public school system EJ was leaving. It wasn’t long before it became evident that in order that we not miss learning opportunities that arose on our travels and still get the required worksheets done, we would be doing a LOT of schoolwork. Thankfully I found some terrific homeschool moms groups with members who were happy to answer my questions and help me create a plan that would work for us and with our umbrella board.

Remember when I told my earlier self to listen to my instincts and to my grandchild? This is some of the best advice I could give or receive. If you look through a book or a curriculum and you just don’t think it will be a fit for your family, you’re probably right. Leave it on the shelf. There are plenty of resources out there and one of them will be the right fit.

The same goes for your kids. If they totally dislike the way a program is set up they won’t be happy doing it and, likely, things aren’t going to stick. For example, we love to do Junior Ranger Programs when we visit National Parks and Historical Sites. At first, EJ was eager to get his booklet and get right to work but as we traveled more he found he was missing the fun of visiting these places and now he prefers to poke around and look at the things he finds interesting first and then begin to work on his booklet. This means we might spend more time all together at the site but he learns more and (more importantly) retains more of what he learns.


Sharing cake and ice cream can be just the break you need on a less than motivated day

If things are going well and we’re all happy and working together we’ll naturally be more motivated to keep moving forward. Of course, no plan is perfect and we all have off days. What do we do then? We eat cake (well sometimes if we happen to have one, ice cream works too) or do something else to change our minds and our attitude. Perhaps we’re struggling with English and literature, why not switch things up and watch the movie version of your book instead. Or history, there are many videos and movies about different periods in history that kids will enjoy. Or as I said before, eat cake. Do something different, change your setting, go for a drive. Don’t allow the bad uglies to settle in and spoil your day, you can always get back to the books tomorrow.

Has anything I said been motivational? Maybe or maybe not but I know that staying flexible and working together with our grandson is the best way for us to homeschool. I also know that hearing him explain something that he has learned to friends and family is all the motivation I need to keep moving forward!

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4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday {5 Days of Homeschool Encouragement}”

  1. Annette says:

    excellent advice… especially the ice cream! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reminder to not over schedule and over fill our days.

  3. Kym says:

    Good advice!! It must be a tremendous amount of fun to be able to travel all over while still homeschooling. Oh by the way, our two youngest kids liked doing the Junior Ranger programs when they were younger, but they found the same thing – they got too focused on “finding the answers for the blanks” and felt like they missed out on some of the stuff. They still worked on getting their badges, but they were more likely to work on the booklet after we left the park, and if they got the badge – fine – and if they didn’t – that was fine too because they’d had a good time.

  4. Kristen says:

    Over and over I see flexibly – as motivation or a reason to be thankful for homeschooling. I love the reminder. Stay flexible. (And share ice cream and cake!)

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