Thinkwell Homeschool Math {My Review}

Heading into middle school math can be a bit of a challenge for students. After spending several years playing online math games and using manipulatives they may suddenly face video lectures and textbooks for their daily routine.

When I heard we might have the opportunity to review an annual subscription of 7th-Grade Math from Thinkwell I spent some time looking at it before applying to receive it. This program is part of their 6th to 8th Grade Math section and looked like it might answer EJ’s request that we find a math program that is more grown-up than what we have been using but still be online.

Open and Go

We created an account for us as soon as we received our subscription passcode. This was simple and took very little time. Next, we had the opportunity to sign EJ up for a placement test. This can be printed for your child to complete and then the parent to grade for them. In our case, it helped us to decide whether EJ was best placed in Grade 7 Math as his age dictates, Grade 6 if he needed a bit more review, or Grade 7 Honors Math if he was a little ahead. We found the regular Grade 7 Math seemed to be the best fit for us.

7th Grade Placement Test

How We Used Thinkwell

Once we decided on the best choice for a math course we basically began at the beginning. I set EJ up as a student and let him move forward in the course. The dashboard is simple and easy for him to manage and he basically just follows the order of the lessons and videos as they are listed.

Dashboard where EJ accesses his lessons

Each chapter contains videos and worksheets that you can either complete one at a time or, if your child prefers, you can watch all of the videos first and then go back in and do the worksheets. They can even choose to watch each video again before they complete the worksheet. They aren’t locked so they can be repeated which allows students to feel secure about their skills.

There is also the option of completing the worksheet online or do as encouraged, print it out and work out your answers with paper and pencil before submitting your responses. EJ chose to do his work in a notebook and then submit it rather than printing another piece of paper, that worked as well. He did the same for the unit quizzes and tests that are also included.

Calculating patterns for his test

EJ’s Thoughts

I really like doing Thinkwell Math. The professor does good videos and explains things in different ways so I understand what he is talking about. I like that I can go back and watch the video more than once because this makes it easier for me. Sometimes I just watch a bunch of his videos on my iPad while I am sitting on the couch with my little brother and then I do them again with my lesson the next day. It helps to stick in my brain that way.

Watching math videos

One of my favorite things about Thinkwell is that the professor is serious about it but not too strict sounding. I feel like this is more grown-up math like I should be doing now that I am almost a teenager. I really feel like I am learning and understanding things from him.

My Thoughts

As my regular readers know I love having a program that is turnkey. Something we can get into that doesn’t take ages to set up and get into. Thinkwell Math fits the bill for this.

I also like that Professor Burger (his name is Evan Burger) is very clear in his videos so there is not a lot of time that I have to spend explaining what he meant to EJ. There are always visuals to go along with his lectures as well. This is a huge help for EJ I find.

Because we travel a lot, this is always a consideration for our curriculum choices. With Thinkwell we don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of printed materials with us. Everything is online aside from the notebook EJ carries to do his calculating in. Very efficient in my mind.

Final Thoughts

I found Thinkwell Math to be very complete and that it covered the topics I was looking for very well. It also included a variety of resources to help teachers and students alike to navigate through it.

36 Week Lesson Plan

Thinkwell Grade 7 Math has been a good fit for our family and we will be continuing to use it as EJ’s main math curriculum this year.

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