The Scavengers Book Study Guide {My Review}

This month we have had the pleasure of reviewing The Scavengers – eGuide from Progeny Press. This book study is meant for middle school ages children so some of the concepts were a bit new to EJ, having just finished 5th grade but he still enjoyed it.

One of the fun options for this book study is the interactive features that allow your child to answer the questions right in the document. Now I have to admit I did have a bit of an issue with making this work and had to download the document a second time since the first time it changed somehow and would no longer allow it to be fillable but after that, it worked like a charm.


There were multiple choice questions with pull-down menus plus others where you simply typed in your response (and saved it as you went along on the laptop). This made it nice, especially for the child with ADHD who doesn’t like to write out long answers. Of course, you can certainly print out the study and use it like a standard study or worksheet but we found it handy to have the book on our tablet (you can also order a print version from Prodigal Press) and study in Google Drive so we could access it while we traveled without bringing along extra books and papers.

While I don’t want to send out any spoilers, I will share a bit about the book that we were studying. The Scavengers is a book by Michael Perry. It begins at a time where things have taken a bad turn for our world and people were allowed to stay inside government Bubble Cities or choose to stay “out bubble” and fend for themselves. We meet Maggie just as she is making the decision to toughen her image up and change her moniker to Ford Fairlane, after an old station wagon she finds and decides to live in.

The story follows Maggie and her family through their struggles and adventures living “out bubble” and scavenging for everything they need to stay alive. As I said, I don’t want to blurt out any spoilers so I’ll leave you to discovering the story yourself.


Progeny Press
So now you have a bit of the taste of the book and we can go on to discover the great things included in this interactive study guide. There are a number of concepts covered. We appreciated that this interactive guide is a real part of our language arts studies, not just something that is extra busywork.


The book study begins with some fun prereading activities that help your child get into the spirit of the book. We decided to camp and cook outdoors, using pans and utensils we found in the back of our garage and an old tent we hadn’t seen for quite some time. We pretended to be living “out bubble” and scavenging ourselves.

There were several other prereading activity suggestions that fit in with the story so we could choose the one that suited us or even more than one. (We have building hoop houses to grow garden plants onto our list for the spring, hopefully they will save some of our veggies from the neighborhood deer!)

We learned about the author, Michael Perry, and how he and his wife homeschooled all of their children (EJ liked hearing this because it means Mr. Perry understands homeschooling). He also liked hearing that the author’s two daughters were the models for the main character, Maggie.

Because this is a book study from a Christian perspective, there are activities where students think about the moral and spiritual issues in the story and are directed to certain scripture readings that they will use to help them think deeper about the text. Simple questions like how we should treat our neighbors helped spur some great discussions that led EJ to the question of “What would Jesus do?” in this situation. Never a bad thing.


As I said before, this book study covers all of the basics of language arts, including grammar and vocabulary (particularly that of the book). There are also assignments and activities that help students understand different writing styles and how to use these different styles and techniques to make their own writing more interesting.

These writing activities appear in each of the chapter sections so your child works on them alongside the reading comprehension questions. I liked that the reading comprehension included both straight out memory and understanding questions plus others that had EJ thinking about what he would do in a particular situation and what he thought about the actions of the characters. It made for a well-rounded study overall.


Overall we really liked this interactive book study. We liked the convenience of using it on our laptop and tablet while traveling but still having the option of printing the pages to work on at home. There are times that you can just feel more creative when writing with a nice pen or pencil rather than typing.


I also liked how many activities were included that covered so many of the important parts of writing and language arts. Learning about writing techniques can never be repeated too often as it is so important as kids move into the higher grades.

Encouraging kids to do extra research about issues that arise in the book also ties it all into real life. This always makes books more enjoyable for EJ. He also enjoyed thinking about Jesus and how he would like people to behave in these situations.

There is one more very important section in this interactive book study that I have left out, the answer key! It is very thorough so you don’t need to worry about struggling to mark your child’s work (which for me comes in the evening after everyone else seems to be in bed).

Yes, The Scavengers – eGuide from  Progeny Press was a fairly good fit for us. I did have to do a bit more one on one with EJ since he has ADHD and dyslexia but the story was interesting for him. With all of the writing involved, we weren’t able to finish The Scavengers during the study but we’re looking forward to finding out what happens to Ford Fairlane (Maggie) and her family in the end. I know he will continue to build on the concepts he learned with this book study. I’m sure many of your students will enjoy it as well.

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