The Big Bible Science Book {My Review}

For the past several weeks our family has been having fun with the Big Bible Science book from Christian Focus. This 96-page book is full of science activities that help kids “experiment and explore God’s world.”



Beginning with a message to parents and teachers about how the book works, this publication is easy to understand and follow with distinct sections within each chapter including:

  • A materials list
  • The big idea explanation of the lesson (this connects the science to a biblical perspective)
  • A Bible passage to memorize
  • Activities (most are experiments with some games)
  • Apply it (how this connects to the world)
  • Go beyond (a chance for older/more advanced students to experiment further)

But even before we get to the chapters, parents are provided with hints and tips on how to make the most of each lesson, some safety hints (so important), a chart that shows which chapters have activities that students can do on their own or will need partners or a parent to complete.


There is also a section explaining how to help your child set up a scientific notebook. We didn’t do one this time but do plan to begin one in the fall at the beginning of the new school year. I’m thinking it would be handy to keep track of all the science activities that EJ takes part in as we travel and visit science centers around the countries.


There is also a section at the end of the book that contains mini-biographies of some of the world’s most famous scientists including Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci.

How We Used It

While I read through the complete book myself (there are some awesome looking experiments here) we did skip around a bit during our review period.

EJ had fun using a playground ball with a face on it to show Little Monster how squeezing the ball harder made it squish more. He told him it was because he was applying more pressure so that’s why it worked. I’m pretty sure the two-year-old who loves to “play monster” and chase people with his little hands up didn’t understand that part but he loved seeing the face squish in and out.

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This was just one example of something they could do together with each of them learning at their own rate (even if Little Monster isn’t really preschool yet).

Do you remember helping decorate for birthday parties as a child? In our house, there was always a lot of rubbing balloons in our hair to create the static electricity needed to hold them to the wall (for a while anyway) without leaving marks. We there are a number of activities like this in Big Bible Science. They are fun, easy to do, don’t make a mess, and are done with items many of us have in our homeschools already.

There are experiments and activities showing evaporation, how your lungs work, the angle of the sun, how bones and muscles work, and lots more.

Another favorite for the boys was an activity that involved a trip to the zoo.


We did change it up a bit and took photos of the animals for EJ to sort once he got home but he still had to read the signs and understand what category the animal was in (and whether this type of animal was on the ark with Noah).

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EJ’s Thoughts

This was a good book and lots of experiments were easy for me to do by myself so that was fun. I am still taking care of some of the plants I started. There were parts of the book that I already knew but the activities were different so I still liked them. There were even ones I could do with my little brother so we could spend time together even though I was doing schoolwork.

The trip to the zoo was fun but I couldn’t get pictures of all the kinds of animals since some of them were sleeping and hiding so we couldn’t see them. I still got to see a lot though.

My Thoughts

Big Bible Science from Christian Focus covers several areas of science in a fairly simple and straightforward manner. I liked how clearly and simply it was laid out and that the materials needed for the experiments were mostly ones we had at home or were easy to find. There was also a list of suggestions of where to buy other materials that might not be something you are familiar with. That was helpful too.

I also liked that there was a variety of activities and experiments for many of the chapters so kids could try things out in different ways (or mom could save a potentially messy one for a nice day to do it outdoors.

This book was a little on the easy side for EJ who is 12 but he had fun doing the activities that solidified the science concepts he had already learned. I can see this book working really well with more than one child of different ages but as it is we all enjoyed it.

I would recommend this book for elementary aged students and early middle school especially if they use the Go Beyond activities and/or use it with a younger sibling.

But don’t just take my word for it. Be sure to check out the reviews done by other crew families by clicking the image below.

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