The Alphabet Letter of the Week by Crafty Classroom {My Review}

Our family has had the pleasure of reviewing the Alphabet Letter of the Week Curriculum Notebook by Crafty Classroom with our youngest grandson. Although he is a little young for preschool yet he does love coloring and doing his numbers and letters.

Designed by Christian homeschool mom of four Valerie McClintick, the Alphabet Letter of the Week Curriculum Notebook is just one of several curriculum choices available on the Crafty Classroom website. I personally like supporting a family business run by folks who understand homeschooling from personal experience. They know from their own homeschool just what will make things easier for us.


So as I said, Little Monster is only two and a bit so is a little young to use a full-blown pre-school curriculum but this one is pretty user-friendly and designed for three-year-olds in mind. We decided to begin with the letter pages that included pictures to help him understand the sounds. These were also pretty easy for him to color since the letters and pictures are nice and big.


I’m not sure if you can see his Buzz Lightyear sitting at the edge of the picture but we tried to collect a few B sounds for him to help with the sound as well. And as usual, he called the balloons drawn on the page as balls (we can’t seem to convince him there is a different name for them).

We moved on to the letter C that has a picture of a cupcake on the page. This tied in nicely with a little treat, something our little guy is very fond of.

I really liked these big picture, large letter pages for a tot who is on the young side for this package. Sometimes it’s tough to find something with simple lines that won’t frustrate them.

Of course, there is a lot more to Alphabet Letter of the Week Curriculum Notebook than these simple pages. Every letter of the alphabet has its own:

  • Letter Chart
  • How to Write Chart
  • Beginning Letter Coloring Page
  • Beginning Letter Guided Coloring Page
  • Quilt Letter Square & Handwriting
  • Blank Letters
  • Tracing Worksheet
  • Handwriting Worksheet
  • Find the Letter Worksheet
  • Beginning Letter Worksheet
  • Alphabet Puzzle Match Game
  • 4 in a Row Bingo Game Cards

There are also suggested calendars with the Letter of the Week set up in three and four-day formats making this my favorite type of curriculum…turn-key. There is very little prep to do other than printing the over 600 pages and either binding them into a book or adding them to a large sturdy binder. (A bookbinder is my latest homeschool tool and I’m loving putting them together!)

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 10.17.25 AM

As with other packages, you can always do more to get prepped like cutting out and laminating the puzzle letters and flashcards (I have a little laminator too) or making up the Bingo cards to be wipe-off.

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 10.53.00 AM

I know this all sounds like a lot but this curriculum has more to offer with daily math sheets, counting charts, spin-the-wheel tracking sheets (statistics) to get our little guy ready for math in the right way. (Counting is one of his favorite things to do, “1, 2…4”, we can’t tell if he thinks it goes that way or if he just thinks it’s funny to mess with all of the grown-ups minds by counting this way!)


Our Thoughts

First, we were all impressed in how much was included in this curriculum especially at the reasonable price point. We also signed up for the free printable library on Valerie’s website. Between the archives and her emails we have lots of additional sheets to help keep our homeschool fun.

My thoughts on the content? I like all of the sheets and how they will be educational and fun for Little Monster for quite a long time. They are drawn in such a friendly way they can’t help but feel like fun but you can still see the learning value in them. There are lots of opportunities for tracing letters with directional arrows. As he gets older he’s be learning words to go along with the letters as well as printing the letter on his own without tracing. I found it very complete and since each page can be done on its own they are easy to keep a few in your bag with a pack of crayons to help keep little fingers busy while waiting at appointments or for older siblings at a practice.

The Alphabet Letter of the Week Curriculum Notebook by Crafty Classroom┬áis a great fit for our family and I’m sure would be popular with your littles as well. But don’t just take my word for it, several other crew families have done reviews as well. You can find them by clicking on the image below.


Hands-on, Low-prep and Ready to Go Learning - Tots to 3rd Grade {Crafty Classroom Reviews}
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