Studying Norman Rockwell and Other Artists with the Techie Homeschool Mom {My Review}

Our family loves the Techie Homeschool Mom’s Online Unit Studies so when we had the chance to review Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 2) we were happy to jump into it. These online unit studies are virtually self-contained and don’t require a whole bunch of supplies that we don’t normally have around the house. This unit was no different, simply requiring things like paper, cardstock, markers, paints, pencils, scissors, magazines (for cutting out pictures), glue, I think you get the idea.

The other thing about her online units is how she walks you and your kids through various digital tools that generally have a free option. This unit uses Emaze but we have learned about others that we still continue to use in our homeschool, a nice bonus when budgets are tight and your kids want to try all the new gadgets. We also like that we have forever access to these online unit studies and will be able to revisit them when our little guy gets old enough to use them. We have quite a nice collection of them right now that Techie Homeschool Mom Beth Napoli keeps updated.

Copy of Famous Artists 2 OUS

While traveling this year we’ve visited a number of art museums so many of the artists contained in Famous Artists Volume 2 were fairly well known to us. This, of course, didn’t stop us from learning new things about them and about their style of art.

To begin with, we did a tutorial of the Emaze program and how to use the template provided to build our own art gallery complete with descriptions of particular art genres, artists, their works, plus one student created piece per area.


These activities covered language arts, social studies, history, and the arts quite easily since students research the art and artists and write up small reports to use in their gallery.

And if the word techie gets you nervous that your kids’ eyes will forever be glued to a screen, we found EJ enjoyed getting outdoors to do some of his artwork.

The program itself has several links to amazing videos and articles that really zero in on the topic at hand and help the kids (and parents) learn about not only the genre but about the time period when it flourished and was popular.

We enjoyed learning all about the Norman Rockwell Museum on one of the videos and have it on our “would love to visit one-day” list.

EJ created a symbol to sign his work with like he learned about in the Street Art section

When we got to the section on Andy Warhol, EJ decided to take a look on the internet for some free tools and made this Warhol style image with Pixler.

He loves doing photography and really enjoyed taking the Techie Homeschool Mom’s Photography Class too.

To recap, Techie Homeschool Mom’s Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 2) is the second in a series on famous artists and art genres. This unit contains ten sections covering:

  • Modern vs Contemporary Art
  • Grant Wood, American Regionalism
  • Norman Rockwell, Illustration Art
  • Grandma Moses, Folk Art
  • Jackson Pollack, Abstract Art
  • Andy Warhol, Pop Art
  • Frank Stella, Minimalism
  • Bridget Riley, Optical Art
  • Fernando Botero, Postmodern Art
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat, Street Art

We bounced around in the sections a bit and found we spent more time in certain ones because we enjoyed their art more. This unit study is flexible and allows for this.

I would recommend this unit study for any families interested in arts and artists. It’s easy to get into and has a wealth of resources to help you along the way. And there is enough to keep your kids interested while they are learning with the hands-on activities and videos.

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