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Recently I was given a three-month subscription to so I could check out their CLEP and DSST prep materials.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with these courses since there are not many schools that accept these particular tests for credit in Canadian schools but they are certainly relevant for students who intend to attend college or university in the U.S. They can also be helpful for homeschooled students who do not have a traditional graduation certificate from a provincially recognized high school.

The first thing I did once I had access was to look through the list of titles to get an idea of what would be available to me. I was quite amazed at the number of choices and the broad area of topics. I then moved on to the area that described just what these exams are and what I could expect when taking them. I appreciated the clear language and complete explanations in helping me move forward.

I hadn’t realized that DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), while originally designed for military personnel, are now available to anyone. This is a great way to cut down on the time and expense of a college education, allowing you to earn credit for things you have already learned.


You can also challenge yourself by taking a placement exam for any of the study guides in order to gauge how much of the topic you already understand and identify areas you may need to spend a bit more time studying. You have the option to take these exams more than once in order to better refine your results. This can help in organizing your time and making the best use of your studies hours.


The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) works much the same as DSST, providing students with a way to earn recognized credits for the knowledge they already have from previous courses or the school of life.

As I went through the courses with my middle daughter we found they were terrific for helping us review things we had already learned plus they helped us with those school of life topics by putting them into a more academic message. Between the study and the practice tests we both felt we were gaining a better grasp of the subjects at hand.

And there is a large variety of courses on not only in the test prep areas but throughout. While we were focussing on the DSST and CLEP prep areas we couldn’t help but have a look through some of their other titles and there was a lot that caught our interest. Covering areas including Social Sciences and History, Natural Science, Business Law, Biology, Humanities, Management, Information Systems, Spanish Language, and more, there is sure to be an area of interest for most students.

Capture 1

Our eldest daughter joined us on this lesson since labor is an area of interest for her

So back to our exam prep courses. These are designed to be used as a full study, a supplement to another program, or as a review for topics you have already learned. They are broken into lessons that come with entertaining and informative videos plus its transcript and a quiz. All very thorough and easily understandable.

Capture labor

Capture quiz

And to help you keep everything together there is even a pane for taking notes that are marked to line up with the time code on the videos. This can be very helpful when there is a lot coming at you all at once.

Capture note

We also liked that we could set goals for ourselves and keep track of them. By enrolling in a class and setting a finish date for yourself you can have the program set out how many lessons you have to complete each week in order to reach your goal. If it feels as though the workload would be too high you can easily adjust your finish date and have the program recalculate. We found it a great way to stay on top of our workload.

Of course, some courses take longer than others with most containing about 15-20 hours of lessons. The CLEP Social Sciences and History that we began was quite a bit longer, containing 400 lessons that take about ten minutes each. I found it easy to fit these small lessons into my day by loading the app on my tablet and working on it whenever I had a few minutes to work on it (while waiting for someone at an appointment or after work is when I can get a lot done).


All in all, we are fans of this site and their test prep materials and would absolutely recommend them to families, especially ones with students in or just finishing high school.

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