Soundsory from Sound for Life {My Review}

For the past several weeks our family has been reviewing the Soundsory program from Sound for Life Ltd. This has been an interesting review and something quite different than anything we have used in the past. Here are a few pictures from our unboxing.

This week I did a video review for you all. I hope you enjoy!

My Video Review

More About Soundsory

How Does it Work?

After visiting the Sound for Life website and having a look at how Soundsory works I began to understand a bit more about the combination of music and movement and its effect on both the vestibular and auditory systems. (You’ll note I said a bit more, I still have some learning to do.)

I also learned more about neuroplasticity and how the brain can indeed build more pathways and form new neural connections throughout our lives. Children with ADD, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum issues can benefit greatly from this program. Learning more about it also gave me a lot of hope for folks who have strokes and brain injuries whether in childhood or as adults.

These headphones transmit sound through the air canal and arrive at the tympanic membrane before reaching the middle each and also by bone conduction, reaching the middle ear without passing through the tympanum. This helps educate the brain and assists in the sense of balance (something I can certainly use help with).


The program is set up to be used 5 to 7 times per week for 30 minutes each time. First, there are 25 minutes of specially recorded music followed by 5 minutes of music with individual exercises that accentuate the positive results of the program.

How We Used it and Our Thoughts

EJ and I shared the headsets and both did the exercises about five days a week. I have to admit I was not terribly good at doing all of the exercises since my arthritis makes some of them difficult. I still found listening seemed to make me feel relaxed and to totally take a break in the afternoon.

EJ said he liked the exercises that were similar to the ones you would do at the gym. He also found the music encouraged him to move along to the beat. I don’t know that we really can recognize results but for a child who tends to be very picky about his music, this program encouraged him to listen to a larger variety with no complaint.

Overall, I feel positive that this program is a good fit for our family and will be for other families as well.

To read what other families have to say about Soundsory be sure to click the image below:

Soundsory {Sound for Life Ltd Reviews}
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