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Smart Kidz Radio
For the past few weeks, we have had the opportunity to review Smart Kidz Radio from Smart Kidz Media. This is a free online radio station just for kids. Just imagine, a radio station you can safely have on while you’re doing the dishes (that’s when I have the radio on) or in the car (you will be able to cast it to your smartphone) that you don’t have to worry about your little ones listening to.

Smart Kidz Radio

Currently, there is a music stream that plays original songs that help kids learn life skills. There is also a podcast area where you will find an assortment of classic fairy tales that your kids can listen to without you having to stop what you are doing to read the book (yes, I know reading is a good thing but sometimes you just need to get supper on the stove and no matter how hard I wish for it those potatoes will not peel themselves).

I know our girls would have loved the fairy tales when they were little. Now our grandsons are a bit more focused on Jack and the Beanstock and Pinocchio than Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty but they enjoy listening to the stories as well. These versions keep your child’s interest with their music, sound effects, and good voices (not like some I have heard).

Smart Kidz Radio

Smart Kidz Radio also plans to have an upgraded subscription option for a small monthly fee that will allow them to access the radio programs on-demand (there are hundreds of songs and stories in their inventory).

Included in the On-Demand section are the following:

Song Programming

  • Early Learning Radio Program (Ages 2 – 4)
  • Good Behavior Skills Radio Program (Ages 3 – 6)
  • Living Skills Radio Program (Ages 4 – 10)
  • Survival Skills to Grow On Radio Program (Ages 6 – 10)
  • Bedtime Songs Radio Program (Ages 2 – 8)
  • All-Time Favorites Sing Along Songs Radio Program (Ages 4 – 10)
  • Relaxation from Stress Radio Program (Ages 4 – 10)
  • Favorite Christmas Carols and Songs (All ages)

Story Programming

  • Classic Fairy Tales
  • Not So Scary Tales
  • Grandpa Tyler’s Storytime
  • Best Loved Bible Stories
  • Favorite Christmas Stories
  • Peter Rabbit Tales

As you can see this is quite a good variety that I am sure will continue to grow.

In these times when kids are spending so much time on screens, it’s nice to find a product where they can listen to quality songs and stories while continuing to play, whether indoors or out.

Looking through their titles I can see us playing the Relaxation program while doing schoolwork and, obviously, the Bedtime program when it’s time to get them tucked in at night.

We’ve enjoyed listening to this new station (especially our little toddler grandson who loves dancing to music ALMOST more than eating peanut butter sandwiches) and I encourage you to check it out for yours (there will be a free 14-day trial for the on-demand program.)

Several crew families have had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at this brand new programming as we have. I encourage you to see what they have to say by clicking on the image below.


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