Math Games from Matific Galaxy {My Review}


As we head into the summer months and are traveling more, we are looking for easier ways to keep learning in our days without overwhelming anyone. The fun online math games from Matific Galaxy have been a good addition to this collection.



We received a one-year subscription that we set up on my laptop. During set-up, we had the option to set EJ’s grade level, weekly goals, as well as email notifications to keep me up to date on his progress. As you can see from the image below, there are many different skills and concepts that kids will practice in each grade (I used grade 6 since that is the one EJ is using).

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We also downloaded the app onto our iPad and Android tablets (they both worked equally well) so EJ could use it wherever he wanted to, including outside at the park. One thing to note is that the app does not sync with the online program so your child will do the levels more than once if they move back and forth between them, it didn’t seem to be an issue for EJ since the questions seem to change up.

One thing I really like about the app is the ability to “prefetch” our content so EJ can play on a tablet in the car while we drive. I know it’s still screen time but it is educational screen time. He is much more likely to play if this is one of his offline options. You can access a few of the games on the app for free to give you an idea of how it will work with your family and then decide whether you prefer to make in-app purchases of the games or to sign up for an annual subscription.


(Matific Galaxy has partnered up with me to give away three single-grade one-year access accounts for my followers. You can find out all the details and enter by visiting my Facebook page.)

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I have to be honest here and admit that I picked up a tablet more than once and played with the free levels. They can be challenging but fun and before you know it you have been playing for quite a few minutes. I can see why the kids enjoy it!


And there are plenty of opportunities for players to win prizes, these are accessories for your space creatures like hats and scuba outfits (they need new things since that terrible villain stole their pixels) that players can use with their characters once they have replaced the stolen pixels.


In addition to the prizes, your kids will earn achievements as they unlock the various levels and move from planet to planet. And they aren’t the only ones who can see their progress. There is a parent portal where you can keep track of both your child’s progress and the areas where they may need a bit more help. You can also see how your child is faring vs. other kids who are playing Matific Galaxy games.

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By replaying the games it is easy to figure out where they may have gone off track and help them to move forward and succeed in rescuing their favorite characters. This is the same area where you can adjust the weekly time goal you set for your child during set-up. You can also send them a positive and encouraging message through the portal.

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How we Used the Program

As I said earlier, we are into the summer road trip months so rather than having a strict schedule of 15 minutes, three days a week, we found EJ playing the games when he was finished up with his other work for the day or if he had some extra time to play a few rounds of a game. Even with this relaxed attitude, there wasn’t an issue with him completing at least the 45 minute recommended weekly goal.

EJ’s Thoughts

I really liked these math games but I wish they would make them so older grades could use them since I’m going into grade 7 but I can still play them for reviewing. Some of the questions are pretty hard but after some practice, I could get them. I say it is a nice math program for any kids who want to have fun and do schoolwork at the same time.

My Thoughts

Any programs that are fun for kids and still contain enough to keep them learning is high on my list for adding to my school practice tool kit. I liked this one for many reasons, the broad list of skills included, the ease of use, the “fun” value for kids, and the record keeping that I don’t have to worry about. I would definitely recommend it to families who are looking for a practice program for their kids.

As I said earlier, EJ is at the top end of the grade range for this program and had fun using it as a review for his math year but there were several other families with kids of different ages who reviewed the program as well. You can read them by clicking on the image below.

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