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Over the past month, we’ve had the opportunity to review the annual subscription to Kids Email Safe Email for Kids from Kids Email. I don’t know about your kids but our grandson is always asking about getting his own email so he can send messages to his friends and family so he was pretty excited when he heard we would receive an account for a year to try this out.

Naturally, his mom and I were concerned with the safety of an 11-year-old having an email address. Spam emails are so prevalent these days, we certainly don’t want EJ to be exposed to them. But with this kids’ safe email system, we felt safe in having him try it out.


And it isn’t simply spam filtering (although that is one of the features), you also have the ability to remove links and images, control the attachments that can get through, and filter out offensive words.

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There are additional safety settings that allow you to restrict incoming emails to and from your child’s contact list and decide whether or not they are able to edit their own contact list or if this is something you would prefer to manage for (or with) them.

I also like the mail queue feature. This allows me to approve or delete any emails that don’t fit the rules we’re set up for EJ’s account. I can also have a copy of each incoming and outgoing email sent to my email so I can be sure things are on the right track (for instance, one evening EJ sent about 15 emails to one of his aunts because she wasn’t answering him and he thought her phone would bling when each one came in so he could catch her attention but she was at work at the time so had he continued, she would have had an awful pile of mail in her inbox when she was done!)

This subscription allows you to set up emails for up to six children with individual profiles so they will not only have their own personal email address, you will also be able to customize their security settings depending on each of their ages and abilities. (Even your littlest ones can get involved by using the drawing board and sending their own artwork to grandma and grandpa!)


I like that you can do things like set times when your child can be active and sending emails. The chart is very clear and easy to manage and you can change it at any time. You will also receive a message if your child attempts to use the system during one of their “restricted” times (even if they have been grounded).


Having his own email has been terrific for EJ especially since we travel quite a bit. This way (even if we are just away for the day) he can message his mom, aunts, and papa about what he has been doing or even simply to say goodnight. It gives him some independence while he is learning how to use email safely and responsibly. (With three separate settings, Very Simple, Standard, and Kids Email for Teens, I can easily adjust him to a more grown-up email as he gets older.)


Another option we really like that there are apps available for Apple, Android, and Kindle Fire so EJ can easily use his email without logging onto his computer (he loves being able to use it while he’s relaxing on the couch). The free app is colorful and absolutely user-friendly.


EJ’s Thoughts

I think they made a great system so children can have a sense of what emailing is about I especially like that you can use it across your devices and that you can use it without a worry that somebody is going to scam you or something like that. I’m glad I get to keep it for a year so I’ll get a really good idea of how email works. (NOTE: He has already asked if we can renew his subscription when it runs out!)


Kids Email
 Why Email for Kids is a Fit for Our Family

Our family all use emails on a daily basis and would like EJ and his brother to learn how to use it in a safe and responsible manner as well. But we see the real dangers of spam and inappropriate emails that arrive in our inboxes each day. We like knowing that Kids Email Safe Email for Kids from Kids Email are there to help us keep these dangers away from them. You can check it out for your family with their free month trial offer.

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