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MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs
During our travels this month we’ve had the opportunity to use the 12-month subscription to Reading Intervention Programs from MaxScholar and have been having a lot of fun with all the activities and games these programs include.

As my readers will know, EJ has ADHD and Dyslexia and can find sitting down to do language arts a bit of a challenge. He reads well and loves narrating local newspapers to the rest of us on our road trips. The issues arise when he sits down in front of a blank piece of paper, white computer screen, or even a long worksheet (particularly when it doesn’t contain lines to write on).


With Max Scholar he has been interested and engaged, even when we went back to basics and reviewed MaxPhonics (easy now but I wish we had this program when he was first learning his letters). I’m looking forward to using it with his little brother in a couple of years!


“Writing on sand” is a fun tactile activity that helps connect the sight, sound, and action of making letters

This phonics program not only teaches kids the sight and sound of a letter, it also has a tactile component where they can “write in the sand” or “on the lines” with their finger on the screen (this works especially well on a tablet but we managed on our touchscreen laptop as well).

I love how this program brings everything together, makes a complete thought for the kids. After listening and printing, they go on to identifying pictures of sound words that fit with the letter they just learned (p is for panda, piano, penguin, pig, you get the idea) and all of it plays like a game. Perfect for the child who loses patience easily.


MaxScholar works on our Kindle Fire, that makes it handy. (Note: Those players look very much like Peyton Manning to me!)

Moving on to MaxReading, EJ was happy to see he had a variety of choices for reading. In the Sporting Event section, there were articles on the SuperBowl, the Stanley Cup, the NCAA Final Four and several more. Having just watched the Stanley Cup finals this reading selection was a very popular one (although he still wished his Vegas Golden Knights had won).

I really like how the program shares the correct answers with your child and also gives them the opportunity to redo a section if they want to. There are times that EJ reads instructions quickly and may think he is responding correctly but it isn’t until he sees the corrected work that he understands fully what he was supposed to do (did I explain that right? I hope I’m not being confusing!). Much easier to correct it right away. I think it stays with him better this way as well.


In this exercise, EJ can compare his answers to the correct ones. It could be that he is correct but he missed a few of the words they were looking for.

The assortment of readings isn’t limited to sports by any means. There are so many choices your child is sure to find something in their area of interest from History to Famous Cities to My Weekend that includes titles like Grandma’s Kitchen, Pancake Brunch, and Messy Surprise. And these are just one level. Topics vary in each and can include things like movies, famous immigrants, and Google Earth.

Once EJ finished his lesson and achieved the required mark he was able to head to the game section. His favorites were hangman and word search (he plays those all the time anyway) and playing them with his vocabulary words was fun even while he was learning.

MaxWords is where your student will learn about syllables, spelling rules, prefixes & suffixes, and word roots. Again, there are several activities so EJ knew if he worked through the ones he didn’t like as much he would get to his favorites.


Greek Roots were a bit of a challenge but each lesson is short so EJ didn’t lose patience before moving on to the next activity.

EJ is urging me not to forget about his absolute favorite section, MaxMusic. This area has a selection of lyrics from the songs of various artists. EJ asked if he could look up the songs on our streaming service and listen to them while he worked on the activity. This added fun to this learning activity that had him identifying vowels and completing the lyrics with nouns and vowels. (He felt his addition of music to this area was simply brilliant!)

Another section EJ added to is MaxPlaces. As he worked through the word and reading activities, he also found the city on Google Earth and so he could see what it looked like, not just read about it. (Of course, he was only able to do this if he was doing the word and reading activities as well.


There is so much that I like about this program that I don’t want to miss anything out. Does this mean there was no complaining or loss of attention while working on his language arts, no (a child is a child after all) but this program is one that he likes to work on and I can see the difference in his work already.

And it’s easy for me to keep track of his work with my parent dashboard. I can quickly and easily prepare a report for a specific timeframe that lets me know how much time EJ has spent on each program, what he has started, what he has completed, and what his scores and performance have been.

There is also an option to view (and print) more detailed reports that cover individual areas and chapters. Very nice for adding to a portfolio.


I have to say since we have been traveling and it is summer, I have been fairly flexible in moving around within the program but that is one of the features I love about it, the ability to be flexible with the program remembering where we left off in each section. EJ simply clicks on continue when he goes back into a particular area and his previous work is saved (very nice for a child who has a tough time remembering this).

Overall, our family gives a big thumbs up to the Reading Intervention Programs from MaxScholar. It’s a great fit for us and I’m sure will be for many of your’s as well.

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