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Our family was very happy to receive three Unit Studies from Homeschool Complete. These unit studies, titled Parks for grades 1-3, U.S. Symbols grade 2 and Pioneers for children in grades 1-6 are a great variety for us to use with EJ and his little cousins. There is a lot of simple work to keep the little ones busy and I found it easy to choose activities out of them for the older ones.

This is the second time our family has reviewed a Complete Unit Study from Homeschool Complete. You can read my review on the Christmas Complete Unit Study here.

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Since we received our unit studies electronically, I was able to save printing by using the Teaching Procedure, Skills List, Lesson Plans, and Resource Lists on my tablet and Chromebook. This certainly allowed us to carry less paperwork around as we traveled and we found ourselves printing the worksheets in business centers at our hotels if we were away for more than a few days at a time.


We were pleased to find classic titles like these by Laura Ingalls Wilder on the reading list for the Pioneer Unit

Now I have to say that we did bring along paper copies of the recommended books since none of us really enjoy reading electronically but we found ourselves using these titles as bedtime read-alouds as well so it was worth the extra weight in our bags. I appreciated that two of the books for the Pioneers Unit were ones we already know and love. I found we were able to manage without the additional titles although I’m sure they would have been enjoyed as well.

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A Variety of Complete Unit Studies

As I have already mentioned, we received electronic copies of a variety of complete unit studies that we used not only in our homeschool but also with EJ’s little cousins.

Parks Complete Unit Study

We love to travel to National Parks so this unit was a perfect fit. By looking through pictures of some previous visits we were able to add and enhance our lessons. We were happy to see Yellowstone National Park as one of the locations included.

As we read about Old Faithful, one of the amazing geysers in the park, we watched a little video EJ had done of its eruption on our last visit there. It helped bring the lesson to life (of course, several videos can be found online but having something personal was terrific).

Included in this complete unit study are lessons in language arts, math, social studies, science, fine arts, phys ed, character development, and the Bible. It seemed as though having a central interesting topic for the kids to pay attention to helped to keep them moving along with the other subjects they might not have been as keen on. They were even encouraged to research additional information on the topic.


US Symbols

Moving along to the complete unit study on US Symbols EJ saw right away that there was a section on the Statue of Liberty. This is a landmark that has been on his bucket list for as long as I can remember. He loves the story of how the people of France gifted this symbol of freedom to the United States. Yes, a visit to “Lady Liberty” will be a highlight of a future trip to New York but for now, learning more about it with this unit study was a great way to keep him interested in his studies.



As I mentioned earlier, the Pioneers Complete Unit Study was the one most directed to EJ’s age group and grade so we spent more time working on it and doing all of the readings. I found this package to be very complete and cohesive with math, LA, science, etc worked in with the story as we were reading it.

By having everything so well connected, EJ found it easy to stay interested in both reading the suggested novels as well as his other work. Plus having this all tied in together made it super easy to use on busy days or on days where we were on the road for several hours. He was even eager to sign on to wifi at our hotel or coffee shops where we stopped along the way to research and find answers to the questions he came up with while doing his work.


Our Final Thoughts

Overall we found these unit studies very well put together and easy to work with. I like how they include various topics wrapped around the central subject. This worked well for our family and helped keep things interesting for EJ.

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