Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner {My Review}


I was pleased to receive a copy of the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year from The Old Schoolhouse®. Beautifully designed with devotions written by Gena Suarez, this volume is an excellent planner for homeschoolers.


I have to admit I am one of those people who prefer to use a paper and pencil organizer rather than one that is electronic. Part of this, I think, is that I like to scribble little notes to myself and use a variety of colors and doodles in my books. I’ve tried using various planners for our homeschool but this one is definitely the best at fitting my needs. I shouldn’t be surprised though since Gena Suarez is a homeschooling mama of seven herself!

This 189-page planner contains a welcoming message from Gena that helps set the stage for our homeschool year. She speaks of the importance of academics and of modeling the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our everyday life. This is just the first of several devotionals written for us by Gena, each with one designed to help us in our homeschooling journey.


After this, we come to the Table of Contents that lays out the rest of the journal sections:

  • Creating an Academic Transcript
  • Academic Transcript
  • Checklist and Skills Learned
  • Other Courses
  • 2019 Calendar
  • 2020 Calendar
  • 2021 Calendar
  • Monthly Calendars with Notes and Hey, Mama! Devotionals
  • Weekly Planners
  • Child 1
  • Child 2
  • Child 3
  • Child 4
  • Child 5

It also lists Gena Suarez’s devotionals with titles including, Field Trip, Squabbling Kids, and Today is a New Day.

I really like the large 2-page calendars. They provide lots of room for notes so you can see everything in one spot. I was also pleased to see this journal is printed on good quality paper so my felt markers didn’t leak through the pages. For someone like me who likes to doodle notes in the margins, this is important.


Another excellent feature in this journal is the weekly planners. They are set up for up to five children so you can certainly customize them a bit if you have fewer than that. For our family of two students using it for days of the week along the front edge and topics along the top will work quite well for us but there are several ways you could personalize it to suit your own homeschool.

As you can see this is a practical planner that is filled with everything you need to keep your homeschooling year organized with the added bonus of Gena’s devotionals. It gets a thumbs up from our family and we will be using it both to plan our year as well as to keep a record of what we’ve done in our homeschool year. (I’ve heard it’s been popular with other families too with almost 98% of the print copies already sold out!)

Here is a video review I put together to help showcase the features of this devotional planner to help you see how it could work for your family.

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