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Have you ever felt like you needed a little help in teaching your kids a new concept? Or perhaps in creating worksheets or exams to go along with (and enhance) your current lessons. This happens to me all the time so I was happy to have the opportunity to review Help Teaching Pro from over the past few weeks.

We received a one-year subscription to Help Teaching Pro so I was excited to get into it and see how we could benefit from its features to supplement our current curriculum.

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Help Teaching Pro has tons of options

How we used the program

One of the things I really liked about this product is the ability to not only do the activities online but also to download and print them out. This makes a big difference for us since we are often without an internet connection. Being able to print out worksheets and games (that I have customized) is super helpful.

After looking through the available lessons (they are well laid out and browsable both by subject and grade level) we decided to start with one of the science options, Types of Faults. We chose this lesson to go along with our upcoming trip to southern California and our visit to the science center where we will learn more about the topic.

It was easy for me to assign this to EJ by sending to his email (he liked this feature, it made him feel grown-up and responsible.) Being able to print his worksheets allowed me to have them ready for his “work to do” binder so it fit in with the rest of his assignments.

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One of the things I like to do is dig deeper into a subject, especially if EJ is super interested as he was with learning about the different kinds of faults. Help Teaching Pro helped with this by clearly posting related lessons and worksheets at the end of each lesson. We were able to find lessons about tectonic plates and other earthquake-related topics and work on them as well.

I was also able to make up a fun activity for the kids to do on our trip, a set of Bingo cards with spots to find at Disneyland! This took me only a few minutes and could be customized for car trips, or visits to places like national parks. We like to have activities like this handy for quiet times (or if the kids get bored) while we’re traveling and Help Teaching Pro makes it super easy.

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I started off by telling you I am always looking for things to supplement and enhance our current curriculum. One of these areas is multiplying fractions. EJ needed some extra practice so I found a worksheet to print for him (no trying to think of questions for me.)


I’ve been talking about how we used Help Teaching Pro with an 11-year-old but the program contains so much more. There are lessons and worksheets for students from the earliest education all the way through college.


There are the games that I already talked about.

And a terrific selection of worksheets.

A nice section on geography including printables.

EJ was happy to find worksheets on the continents, paths of exploration and even some about Canada (he says lots of programs don’t have Canada in them.)


There is a colorful selection of elementary printables that we are just on the upper edge of using.

And very cute early education printables that I can’t wait to use with our littlest grandson (he’s only just turning one so it might be a little while yet.)


There are just a ton of resources available with this subscription, including both remade and totally customizable. And don’t worry if you haven’t created one of your own. I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant to begin with but provides lots of support, including videos to help you every step of the way.

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My final thoughts

As I’m sure you can tell I am very happy we were chosen to do this review of Help Teaching Pro from The flexibility of this program is perfect for our family and I love being able to log on and print out both worksheets and answer keys to prepare our study binders to take along on our travels. This way we are able to view online videos and lessons when we’re “connected” and then do the written work at a rest stop or when we’re camping (and off the grid.)

I just couldn’t resist sharing some screenshots of the early education worksheets with you. They are so bright and colorful, perfect for your tiniest students.

Yes, this program is an excellent fit for our family, especially since we have students who are ten years apart in age. Even with one entering the middle school years and one barely starting his homeschool journey, Help Teaching Pro is a resource we can use for both of them.

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