Elephant Learning Math Academy {My Review}

We’ve had the good fortune of receiving a 12-month subscription to Elephant Learning Math Academy to review. This program promises one-year improvement in math by using it for only 30 minutes a week for 12 weeks.

Doing some research, I found that this online math program covers a wide range of students from 2 to 16 years of age. I signed on as soon as our link arrived and created a student profile for each of the boys. They began by playing math games that taught and tested them on their math skills.

Easy to Use App

Once they each had a profile, I was able to share a QR code with them that allowed them to log into their personal area. It makes it super easy for them to use the app on their Ipad or tablet.

Little Tots Counting Games

I have to be very honest, having a two and a half-year-old play math games on an app does take quite a bit of supervision (well it does in our case) but he does like it. There is a lot of counting with different ways of asking and answering the questions. Little Monster is having fun and counting outside of the program so he seems to be learning.

Finding Strengths and Weaknesses

Once your students are older they can begin by reviewing their ‘math age’. This helps them (and you as their teacher) identify where they may need a little extra help. It also provides a small explanation of the process in case your child just needs a little reminder.

Once your child has tested out they will be assigned the appropriate grade level of math work to use as a supplement for 10 minutes, three times a week. I found EJ preferred to play for 20 minutes because he was having fun and didn’t want to stop too quickly. This could be due to his ADHD since once he gets into something he doesn’t like a lot of change.

One thing I did find when he was working on it was I heard a lot of, “Oh man, that was right, why did it mark me wrong?” followed up with, “or maybe I hit the wrong button.” EJ does tend to get ahead of himself at times so I reminded him to slow down a bit before he hit enter.

EJ had to estimate where certain numbers would be on a number line

Flexible Program

Because we used this as a supplement to EJ’s regular math program I was a bit concerned that the work he was doing on either one would not match the other. I needed have worried though since you as the parent/teacher have the ability to change assignments for your students.

List of assignments parents can choose for their child
Parents can easily change their child’s assignment through the dashboard

Since he is working on pre-algebra now I was able to try out the level before it as suggested by the program (it is better for the program to move up to the child rather than the child moving backward). Once we saw how he was doing with this I simply went into the dashboard again and clicked on the prealgebra test. This way it was ready for him the next time he signed on.

Identifying fractions

EJs Thoughts

This math program was good because it knows how my work is going and gives me questions about the ones I need to learn more. There are different voices with different accents and sometimes they would say EJ but sometimes they would say Eeej. It was kind of funny.

I mostly liked playing this math game since it was only for 10 or 20 minutes a day but sometimes it was kind of young for me. I would have liked it better if it was more just the numbers and not always animals or robots and things but it was still ok.

My Thoughts

I really liked this math program/game for Little Monster. It was a short amount of time and moved quickly enough to keep a two and a half-year-old interested. As I said earlier, he does need some help and supervision but he is learning how to count better all the time.

As a supplement to EJ’s regular math program, I found it made a positive effect as well. It is a cross between a game and an online work program so it stayed interesting. I know he found it a little young at times but I do think it has been helping him to review his work, remember the processes, and stay on top of what he is working on now.

For myself, I liked that I could easily keep track of how much time he was using the program plus how he was doing in each topic area. The dashboard is easy to access and the numbers are right up front for knowing where he might be needing a little extra help.

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Final Thoughts

Overall this program fit well with our family. One of the positives for us was that even on travel days when we might not be doing a full math lesson, EJ was still able to sign on and do ten or twenty minutes when we stopped for lunch. This made it so he was keeping math in his mind every day. Something very important for a child who has memory issues.

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Elephant Learning Math Academy Subscription {Elephant Learning Math Academy Reviews}
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