Daily GRAMS: Grade 7 {My Review}

I am a bit of a fussbudget when it comes to grammar, ask my family and friends, they will agree. So when we were offered the opportunity to review Daily GRAMS:  Grade 7 by Easy Grammar Systems I was pretty excited. After having a look at their website I realized this Grade 7 product was something we could happily work with.


We received this package electronically (and unfortunately a bit later than we expected) so I quickly dove in and had a look through it myself before letting EJ begin.

I was pleased with the organization of content and sequence pages. Having various grammar topics broken down into manageable bites and showing clearly what days these will be covered allowed me to sort through easily if there was an area EJ needed more practice with. (Kids don’t always need things in the order they are published, don’t you agree?)

I also like the use of “mastery” for learning. This is so important for a subject like language arts since we will be using it every day of our lives. I know some folks don’t agree but I feel if you don’t master something you haven’t really learned it.

How we used it

Since we received this a little late and have been traveling for much of our review period we have done quite a bit of the program verbally. This was quite easy to do and allowed me to move around to where EJ needed the most practice. It will also work well for him to do a complete worksheet each day now that our school break is coming to an end (we travel much of the year and take shorter breaks throughout the year rather than one two-month break).

Too sunny outside so you can’t see the screen

For items like sentence combination, I had EJ write his answers in his notebook (he carries one with him all the time) or (his preference) he typed out his answers.

A Typical Daily Worksheet

What is Covered Each Day

There is a separate worksheet for each day that can be printed (or you can purchase the student workbook). These include:

  1. Capital letters
  2. Punctuation
  3. General concepts
  4. General concepts
  5. Sentence combining

In the general concepts sentences/questions, they include things like; adverbs, adjectives, verbs, analogies, sentence fragments, and other parts of speech. These are done in small bits and repeat about once a month or so. It makes for a good variety in your child’s day.

EJ’s Thoughts

“I liked doing Daily Grams better than some other language arts because they were quick to do. If I needed help with something there wasn’t a long description so I didn’t get mixed up. I also got to type a lot of my answers.”

The screen from the earlier picture

My Thoughts

I found Daily Grams checked off a lot of boxes on my list for curriculum. Even though it isn’t a complete language arts curriculum it is quite a thorough review product. It is basically turnkey since I just have to print out the pages (and as I said before sometimes even do those orally).

I was happy to see it included dictionary work since this is often missed in today’s online spelling helps. This was real work where EJ got his dictionary out and found words and definitions.

Overall, I can see us using this program through EJ’s seventh grade as well as for extra review whenever more review might be needed. It is certainly a good fit for our family and I’m sure would be for others too.

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You can find out more about Easy Grammar Systems by visiting them on social media.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EasyGrammarSystems/
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