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On a recent visit to one of our favorite places, EJ and his aunt took advantage of some art classes where animators taught them how to draw some popular characters. EJ really enjoyed it so we have been looking for something a bit more formal to include in his school day. In comes Creating a Masterpiece with their online Drawing Program. When we were offered a one-year subscription there was no question in my mind that this could very well fill that hole in our curriculum.

No one could ever accuse me of being the artistic one in our family. I mean not in the traditional sense. While I loved to color with my mom as a child, I seriously needed the lines to keep me on track. There were no hand-drawn sketches to be found in my portfolio. On the other hand, our middle daughter attended an art school from fourth to sixth grade. She always loved to sketch and never seemed to be without her little art journals. So you can see we have a variety of talent levels in our home.

Our first project, a caricature of a giraffe


Creating a Masterpiece is an online art program where students follow videos by instructor Sharon Hofer and learn how to create quality masterpieces they can be proud of. Sounds simple right? Well, it has felt simple as well. We have been doing the program as a family and are thoroughly enjoying it.

The Drawing Program covers Beginning Drawing, plus Drawing Levels 1, 2, and 3. Each level contains six to eight projects with each of these including a variety of video lessons. There are some that can be done in about an hour while others would be best served if you spread the work over more than one day.

The lessons also cover a variety of mediums from the simple drawing pencil on sketching paper to charcoal and colored pencil on vellum film. This is not a paper I have ever used before and we are finding it to be a lot of fun. 

Sharon recommends you get the best quality supplies you can since this will help ensure a well-finished project. I can tell you I thought I had some pretty good colored pencils but once I began this course I realized they were a little harder than I like. Realizing purchasing a whole set of Prisma Premier would be a bit much for our budget, I watched for the individual ones to come on sale at the local craft store and purchased the colors we would need. It isn’t too bad if you add to your supplies over time. 

Sharon does include links to Blicks on her site. They seem to have fairly good prices but being in Canada the postage really adds up. Perhaps I’ll have to visit one of their shops on our travels.

How we used the program

EJ and I did some of the projects together. One of these was a snowy mountain scene on black paper. He loved that he could set up his chair by the window and look out at the Rocky Mountains. He said he felt inspired to do the best job he could.

Other times we worked on our own. I found myself logging on in the evening when I would normally pick up some needlework or crochet and work on another project. Enjoying your work really encourages you to keep up with it.

Baby elephant in charcoal and pencil

EJ liked how Sharon was always positive and encouraging. He said she was sure to remind her students that she had been drawing for years so of course, it was easier for her to draw a round circle or a proper oval. He said she made him believe he would get better the more he practiced. What a terrific message for a teacher to pass on to her students.

My thoughts

I am so happy we received a year-long subscription to this program. I know it is something we will continue to work with and improve upon. There is plenty of variety in the projects and there are also ways that you could change them a little if you decided to do them over again.

I know I was encouraged to draw some tulips I saw in a magazine after doing the colored pencil rose project. They were in the same colors so I already had good pencils and velum for them. It was fun to use Sharon’s techniques on a project of my own. I hope EJ will build his confidence to do the same (perhaps he’ll do some more mountain scenes).

Here’s a little video we made of some of the projects we have done so far:

Our projects

Final words

Creating a Masterpiece Drawing Program is a good fit for our family and I’m sure would be popular with your young artists as well. But don’t take my word for it. Click the image below to see what other crew families had to say.


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