Calvert Homeschool Online 2019 {My Review}

For the past several weeks we have been reviewing Calvert Homeschool Online from Calvert Homeschool. This is an online homeschool program that offers courses in a variety of core subjects for grades 3 to 12. Family and individual subscriptions are available. We received a 6-month online subscription.

As we move closer to high school I have been looking for a curriculum that EJ can take more ownership of. Rather than me having to remind him of where he needs to be in a course, a program that I can set up at the beginning of the year that has a calendar to help him stay on track. Calvert Homeschool Online seems to be just the program we have been looking for.

Online Homeschool

Student Opening Screen

Calvert Homeschool Online is well laid out and easy to use for both parents/teachers and students. From the first screen when your student signs in they can easily navigate to their assigned courses. Once they enter their course they are directed to their next assignment.

One of the multiple-choice questions in 7th-grade math

These are easy for them to figure out as well. Generally, there are some reading and/or videos to view and then you come to the questions. This is a mixture of multiple-choice that the program marks as well as some that are forwarded to the teacher for marking. Straight forward and easy to understand.

Teacher Set-up

The program is nice and straightforward for the parents/teachers as well. All I had to do was sign-in on my profile, set up our school, and then set up a student profile for EJ. There is a teacher information book that covers all you need for this and everything else in the program.

Curriculum setup is easy

I spent some time looking through the various grade levels and subjects available and found a good variety. One of the nice things about this program is that your child can be at one level in math (for instance) and another in Language Arts. And if you are coming from a different program and have covered a topic already it is easy to skip that as the teacher while you are setting things up.

Since we have been reviewing things I have gone in and changed up my end of it a few times just to get an idea of how flexible it can be and I’ve had no problems with it (even though I am not the best person for using instruction manuals and tend to just poke around on the dashboard until I get where I want to be).

Parents can easily reschedule classes

How We Used the Online Homeschool

We have been using Calvert for Math and as a supplemental to our regular Language Arts program but I assigned Science and Social Studies as well so we could have a look at what these programs were like. They both look quite good and cover a broad area of study for the year.

We decided to begin at the beginning of Math since we plan to use it straight through the year. For Language Arts, we have been skipping around a bit to align it with our main program. I have found this to work quite well even though it is a bit more work for me. It has been simple to navigate through the lessons since they are well titled. It is easy for me to see the lesson I am looking for.

EJ’s Thoughts

At first, I thought Calvert Homeschool looked kind of hard. It is very professional looking and a lot of my online school stuff has been more childish with medals and things you can win. Calvert is straight schoolwork and now that I started using it I like that. (There is a Vocab Arcade where you can play games to learn the new words if you want to play a game.)

I also like that I can send Mama messages in the program if I get confused or I’m not sure about something. She gets a notice and can answer me right away. Most of the time I just need to slow down and read the instructions again but I like that I know she can help even if I am at home with Mom and Mama is away.

Students can choose a theme for their dashboard area

My Thoughts

I feel like Calvert Homeschool Online is a terrific option for us. In fact, I wish I had tried this program before. Looking at some of the earlier grades I can see how EJ would have benefitted from the teaching style and topics.

As with all programs, one of my tests is that it be turn-key and this one certainly is. We simply sit down with the laptop or Chromebook and away we go. I also like that it is flexible and I can customize it to suit our needs.

For instance, if I find EJ is struggling with a math concept I can have a look at the earlier grade(s) and see if there is a lesson that will help him out. You can assign more than one grade to a child even in the same subject (of course this is something you would need to monitor and only use in certain circumstance but it is nice to have the option).

Finally, as a parent, I can go into the program and reassign lessons that perhaps didn’t go as well as we would have liked. Your child will then have the opportunity to go through it again with your help. I like this feature since it is tough to move ahead if you have an area that is weak. You need to be prepared for moving forward.

So there you have it, our review of the Calvert Homeschool Online curriculum. It has definitely been a good fit for our family and we will continue to use it going forward.

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