Blasting Through Math Problems with EdAlive {My Review}


We have been reviewing Maths Invaders Online, from EdAlive for the past month or so. This program reminds me of the old space invaders game but has the added benefit of having your child answer math questions in order to defeat the aliens. We also received Typing Tournament Online to have a look at.

EdAlive is an Australian company that creates many educational programs that are used by teachers and students around the world. Their new online programs can be played anywhere you can get online. There are apps for iPads and Android tablets and EJ plays it on his Chromebook so it is quite versatile. Since we travel a lot we often stop at a coffee shop to use their wifi for an hour or so to get a break from the vehicle and have a treat while he gets some of his work done.



Maths Invaders Online from EdAlive is an easy and fun to use way to supplement your child’s math curriculum. A parent portal is included for you to use with your child’s subscription. This allows you to track your child’s progress and success and is the spot where you can customize what level and topics your child will be working on.

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I found this sample was very helpful in understanding how the Galactic Campaign report and how this reflects your child’s history and what the symbols mean. I must admit I am the kind of person who pokes around in a program to find the features rather than read through the instruction guide and when I find the explanation right in the program I am a happy camper.

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After poking around some more I discovered the Select Content button on the student account page of the parent portal. This is where I was able to easily check to mark the area I want EJ to focus on. I can also mark the amount of time I want him to work on these topic areas. I like that I can easily customize EJ’s practice and make sure he is spending time on areas where he might be having a bit of trouble. When he signs in during the time period I have set, he only has the practice option and if he tries to choose his own content he sees a padlock that asks him to see Mrs. Linkletter if he would like his content changed.


So now your child is into the game. They have to face the aliens who are equipped with math problems that are lowering toward them (cool graphics eh?)


Your child will now type their answer into the rectangle on their ship that answers the dropping question. (It’s actually quite fun, I tried it out a few times myself.)

There are a couple of different ways that your kids will be able to change levels in the game. You may either allow the artificial intelligence to track their results and move them up accordingly or your child may skip sections by clicking on a skip here button and then passing a test to show they have mastered the previous section. (They can find the skip here buttons by scrolling up through the solar system on the front page.)


As you can see this program is fun and easy to navigate. Plus there is one more feature that is possibly our favorite. You can challenge others to a game of Space Rescue. This multiplayer game is a lot like the old Battleship game but you can play against others or the computer. EJ and I have had a lot of fun playing this game either when together or even when I’m not home but am on wifi. And we discovered that the AI in the game creates balances between players by adjusting questions to east one’s abilities. This is a great feature when EJ plays against his cousins since we don’t really know their level. (The math comes in on each turn as you need to answer questions to fill your rescue scanner, this is what you use to find the spaceships.)


We also received a copy of Typing Tournament Online from EdAlive. This typing program pits students against the Dark Typist and his Typing Machine. Broken into 16 levels, kids will have fun moving through maps and improving their typing skills in preparation to challenge the Dark Typist.


Each map location begins with a keyboarding lesson and moves on to drills and the competition. I found myself feeling very competitive as I worked through the program, it certainly encouraged me to keep going with it to see how many levels I could beat.


EJ’s Thoughts

I like Math Invaders. It’s a lot of fun and I think other kids would like it too. My cousin is one year older than me and she likes it when I challenge her to a game of Space Rescue (I’m pretty good at it so she can hardly beat me).

I tried the typing game too but am only near the beginning right now. It does help me use the right fingers when I type.

My Thoughts

I wasn’t sure about Maths Invaders Online, to begin with, because it seemed rather simple and reminiscent of the old space invaders game. Although it looked like fun to me, perhaps a 12-year-old boy who has access to all the new fancy games would not be impressed. I was pleased to find out this was not the case and EJ loved playing it. He told me he “felt like his math brain was getting faster,” from playing it!

This program was a big hit in our house and worked well as a supplement to EJ’s regular math curriculum. I’ve found that his mastery has improved as well, especially in the areas we have focussed on practicing. I would recommend this program to families who are looking for something to keep their kids interested and having fun with math.

Several other families have been reviewing these programs as well so I encourage you to click the image below and check them out.

Typing Tournament & Maths Invaders Online {EdAlive Reviews}
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