Bible Study Guide for All Ages {My Review}

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
We’ve had the opportunity to review the Advanced (5th & 6th grade) homeschool Bible lessons from Bible Study Guide For All Ages over the past few weeks. Of course, with summer’s arrival, we have been taking a lot of our learning outdoors and into nature so we tucked our pages into a binder, packed up our pencil case and Bible and found a nice spot in the sunshine to get our work done.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
The first thing I noticed was the size of the pages. Printed on legal sized paper they do allow for an entire lesson on one page but they don’t lend themselves to fit in my standard sized binders very well. I tried them in both directions and each had its own drawbacks so I just folded the extra paper in and made the best of it.

We also received a set of the small Bible Study cards to go along with our lessons. These were easy to bundle together and very portable. They serve to reinforce our learning as we work through the study.


Bible Study Guide for All Ages
Getting into the lessons (we began at the beginning, Genesis) I found that the lessons aligned very well with the suggested verses and the questions were broken down in such a way that it was easy for EJ to understand and find the answers.


I also found that reading these Bible passages with the lessons helped him to slow down and think about the meaning behind the words; to appreciate more of God’s message.

These simple to understand lessons are made up of several components:

Remember it?

Each lesson has the day’s reading clearly marked right at the beginning. This is where the remember it questions come from. Because I was only doing the study with one child, we found it worked well for me to do the reading as EJ listened and thought about the passages.

As you move forward in the lessons, there will be activities and questions about previous lessons as well. We found we did go back to make sure EJ had remembered things correctly some days but this just helped with his overall understanding.

Memory Workout

This section was a little tricky since it contains singing a song from the available CD on most of the days and I didn’t receive one. I was able to find a number of songs that fit on Google Play and YouTube so we were able to make it work.

This was also the time where EJ learned and reviewed his Bible Book Summary Card, tell Bible stories based on pictures, underlined passages in our Bible (we used a creative journaling Bible and colored/made notes in the margins as well), and found certain phrases in different chapters and verses. (Because we chose to use our journaling Bible, the passages didn’t match the suggested NIV version but we were able to manage.)

Guess What…

This section is almost like a “Did you know…” There are definitions of words and explanations of what certain people did in their jobs. It also includes historical information (like what a signet ring was used for – EJ thought this was neat and said it was like the wax his mom used on her wedding cards).

These bits of information helped clarify the message of the day’s lesson.

Discover the Bible

This is where you turn over the page to do more activities (it is clearly marked).

The activities in this section included matching words, multiple choice, coloring, fill in the blanks, true or false questions and others. Each question/block has a specific instruction plus a reference to the chapter and verse where your child will find the answer. EJ was able to do these on his own for the most part, often without having to refer back to the Bible since he remembered the answer from our first reading of the day.

Time Line

There is either a timeline or map in each of the lessons (we are back to the front side of the page now).

The timeline includes important dates and people from the lesson and helps to connect your child with this history by placing their own information on the timeline as well.

If you have space, there is a Wall Maps and Timeline set you can post on the wall of your homeschool room or at Sunday School (if that is where you are using the program).


On alternate days your child will have mapping activities to do. These are fairly straightforward and include fill in the blank questions and marking/labeling places on a map.

EJ loves maps so he looked up each of the places on Google Earth so he could see what they looked like today. Another way that we used this Bible study to bring things to life for him.

Get Active

We had to change things up a bit again in the get active section since many of the activities are set up for small groups of children. There are skits, discussions, artwork, etc. so I used the activities that were suitable for one child wherever we could make them fit. EJ didn’t mind doing the drawings more than once with different topics.

Apply it!

The apply it sections helps bring everything together. There is a Bible passage to read and then a question to your child of what God is saying to him (or her). They are asked to use I or me in their response. Then they are asked to talk about what God has taught them in the lesson.

Having the study broken down this way helps keeps it interesting but clear for the kids. EJ assures me it is very easy to understand.

Teacher Key

These lessons are full of learning and activities for your kids and I’m sure you’ll enjoy working through this study with them as well. Of course, if you are working on this with a few children of different ages you may think there will be a lot of prep work for you. I can assure you that aside from reading through the lesson and making sure you have any supplies on hand that might be needed for the activities (pencil crayons, pencils, paper, Bible), the teacher pages provide an outline for each lesson plus an answer key for the student pages so checking your child’s work is simple too.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Overall, we were very happy with Bible Study Guide For All Ages.

There were a few things we had to adjust a bit because we are only homeschooling one child right now but that was pretty easy (and I’m fairly used to doing it). I would suggest ordering the music CD so your kids can enjoy it along with the lessons. Although I was able to find some songs online, this would have made things easier.

I do like that all ages can work through their Bible study curriculum at the same time, using different lessons of course but the same passages. This makes it nice for families and encourages some good discussion as well.

If you are looking for a product to fit your family’s homeschool Bible study, I recommend you give Bible Study for All Ages a try.

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