A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) {My Review}

A+ Interactive Math

Math has always been one of EJ’s favorite subjects so we were happy to have the opportunity to review the Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) over the past several weeks.

We had a couple of different options for this math program and decided to go with the one year Family Math Package subscription for a couple of reasons. First, it allowed us to use different grade level exercises so if EJ needed some extra practice on a concept, we could go ahead and do that easily while still continuing on with his fifth-grade work.

Our second reason was that we could print out the entire program in PDF. This is super helpful for us since we don’t always have Internet access plus EJ prefers doing his math with paper and pencil.

Family Math

The other program is the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online. This program allows you to target your child’s math level through tests on math concepts. This program adjusts to your child’s skill level and finds any learning gaps between this and your child’s “target” skill level. It is completely automated so you cannot choose lessons but it does create an individualized lesson plan for your child and includes video lessons, interactive questions, online practice worksheets, and exams. It also grades and re-tests.

You can read reviews on this program from other Review Crew families by clicking the link at the end of my review.

Getting Started

Getting started with A+ Interactive Math was fairly easy. Once I had activated my account I registered EJ as a student and then launched our Family Package. This brought me to the dashboard that includes all of the math topics covered in fifth-grade, plus other parental controls like the progress tracker (I wasn’t sure at first but it was easy to add in the results from EJ’s offline worksheets so they were included in the tracker as well.)

Screenshot 2018-04-22 at 12.59.41 PM

Screenshot of the Parent Welcome Screen

I liked having this dashboard with everything in one place. I could easily sit down for a few minutes at my computer and see which lessons, Interactive Q&As,  worksheets, and exams EJ had completed. I could look at the chart and his binder and get a good picture of where we were as far as the entire lesson plan.



Doing the Math

Each student has their own log-in so EJ had a dashboard customized for his lessons. He liked that he could manage this on his own.

Each lesson has an instructional video followed by interactive questions. (We had a little trouble with these until we realized we weren’t clicking the frog’s tummy to submit our answers. If we had simply paid attention to the word”submit” clearly written then we would have saved ourselves some confusion.)

I liked the way these videos and questions are set up clearly and in color. And if EJ answered a question wrong the program goes directly to the correct answer and a step by step demonstration of how to get to it. This immediate reinforcement of the concept is super helpful for the kids to understand where they mixed up their work and helps them to remember how to do it in their worksheets.

At the end of the interactive session, a printable session score is generated. EJ was so excited when he got his first one he printed it out to put on his bulletin board!

Screenshot 2018-04-22 at 1.52.03 PM

There is an eCurriculum book that has all of the detail written out plus the same color-coded step by step instructions so the learning is all integrated. This is terrific since some kids are better auditory learners and others do better if they can read the directions. There are also online worksheets and exams to go along with the lessons. These are fairly straightforward and are marked automatically and added to the progress report.

Again, as with the interactive Q&As, there are clear visuals of how you get to the correct answer in the worksheet and exam solution guides. Another reinforcement of the concepts that are so important to the learning process.

Going Offline

The only big difference I found in using the online vs offline version of the  Family Math Package was not having the video to watch and listen to and the interactive questions that follow them. Otherwise, all of the curriculum and lessons that you find in the videos are included in the PDF version of the Curriculum Book.


I do think the videos and interactive questions add a lot to the program but we appreciated having a program that we could use no matter where we were. No wifi, no problem since I could print lessons, worksheets, and exams ahead of time and have them collected in a binder to work on.

How it Worked for Our Family

Because we were partway through our school year we bounced around in the lessons to fit in with what we have already studied. This was easily accomplished by looking through the well laid out table of contents and organizing our days.

I do appreciate that there is a suggested lesson plan that will take us through the year in an order that makes sense and a timeline that works. We plan on following this more closely in the coming year. Another plus to this program is that no matter when you begin, you can adjust the grade level of your child as you go along so beginning with the fifth grade this spring will allow us to seamlessly move on to sixth grade as soon as we are ready.

Again, I have to say that one of my favorite things about the program is that I can make it work if we’re out in the country with no Internet access or in town where we have wifi without having to adjust the curriculum myself. It all works together seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

Overall we were very pleased with the Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.). Being able to work both online and offline made this an excellent fit for our traveling family and I am happy to recommend it to other homeschooling families that I know.

For more reviews on both the Family Math Package and the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online, please click the link below.

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