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Who doesn’t love getting nice presents on their birthday? I know I do but I also understand it’s better to give than to receive so in honor of my grandson’s birthday this week, I am giving away a free Famous Birthdays Online Unit Study“>Famous Birthdays Online Unit Study from the Techie Homeschool Mom to one lucky reader.
We loved this unit where we learned about the lives of two famous people each month of the year. We created a digital timeline that included important information about each of their lives and, through this project, learned how some of their lives intersected.
Have you ever wondered how Walt Disney started the giant empire that now boasts film franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, and Jim Henson’s Muppets on top of their own traditional animated and live action movies? How did the addition of Steve Jobs’s Pixar effect the success of the company? We discovered how these lies connected when building our timeline.

These are only a sampling of the famous athletes, artists, activists, performers, scientists, and writers featured in the Techie Homeschool Mom’s Famous Birthdays Online Unit Study.
One thing I look for in our lessons is to be flexible. While this online unit study works well when you begin in January and work through the year, you can also pick and choose the folks your child is interested in and simply make use of their section. (The new Women of NASA Lego set inspired us to take a look at Sally Ride’s section.)
Although we did jump into a couple of the individual subjects, we decided to go ahead and begin from the beginning so we could put together the suggested timeline (the beginning wasn’t January for us, it was November, the timeline project still works.) This is done with Prezzi, an online program with a free option that works very well for this type of activity.
I appreciate that Techie Homeschool Mom, Beth includes several online resources in each of her online unit studies. Some of these are free and others have free trials. Some we already had subscriptions for already.
So back to the free stuff. Beth has generously provided me with a copy of her Famous Birthdays Online Unit Study“>Famous Birthdays Online Unit Study to give away to one lucky reader.

By entering this contest, you will be signing up for her email list. Once the winner has been chosen at random, she will contact them with all the information they need to get started with the unit study.

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Good luck to everyone!

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