Tired Mommy

Baby #2 kicking up a storm at her baby shower might have been a clue to how little the boy would like to sleep

This week’s Five-Minute Friday word is tired. Well, I could say a lot about being tired (tired of winter, tired of all this snow…you understand) but I couldn’t possibly top the exhaustion of our youngest daughter who has recently returned to work from her maternity leave.

Having to get up early every morning and leave him at home for the day is tough (his daddy is home to care for him so that’s a plus) but worse than that is she is doing it on little sleep.

I’m sure that many mom’s who are reading this will relate to an 11-month-old who decides he likes to play at night and mommy and daddy need to wake up to keep him company.

She feels as though she has tried everything. Suggestions from friends and family have not managed to keep the smiling cherub in his bed. (Oh that little smile, it melts the heart.)

His big brother slept through the night but this little guy has his own ideas. (He would have his brother up playing too if he could.)

Being tired has become a normal state for my poor girl (was she like this at the same age? Not that I remember.) So off to work she goes, dreaming of the weekend when her middle sister will visit and take the night shift (funny, he will sleep for her…silly boy.) We’ve begun to call her the sleep whisperer.

2 thoughts on “Tired Mommy”

  1. Joanne Viola says:

    I love it – The Sleep Whisperer! Thank God for those who will come and give us a reprieve! I remember those days well. Glad we were neighbors this morning! I think this is my first time here so may I say, “Nice to meet you!”

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