The World is a Better Place When We All Take Our Turn (FMF)

Our family has been talking a lot lately about volunteerism and how helping out in our community is an important part of being a good citizen. This made it easy to think of what I would write this week for the Five Minute Friday link-up prompt, TURN.


Our grandson has been working on his Big Life Journal recently and one of his writing prompts is to identify and write about a person who is changing the world.

Discussing this at lunch yesterday, he decided he would write about his Aunt Rara because she runs the Lego club in the community (kids have somewhere to get together on Friday nights.) He says we need to recognize people who do the small things to make the world a better place, and not just the famous ones (like the Pope or Prince Harry.)

Talking about his choice a little more he explained that it’s important for people to volunteer in their community, “You know, like you and mom, and Rara did last week at the casino.” (A charity casino can be one of the biggest sources of income for a community to use for running programs and it isn’t always easy to find volunteers for them.)

He went on to say that he figured if everyone in the community would take their turn at volunteering, there wouldn’t be so much to do for the people who do. Just like Lego Club makes things better for the kids in his community, people taking turns and volunteering can make our city, our province, our country, and the world a better place for all of us.

Out of the mouths of babes as the saying goes.


“Love and charity, are service, helping others, serving others. There are many people who spend their lives in this way, in the service of others. … When you forget yourself and think of others, this is love! And with the washing of the feet the Lord teaches us to be servants, and above all, servants as He was a servant to us, for every one of us.”

— Pope Francis – Jubilee audience, March 12, 2016

 – from the National Catholic Reporter

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