This weeks five minute Friday prompt is provide. As soon as I read this it took me back to my grandmother’s kitchen where I remember listening to my mom and her sisters talking about a cousin who had, “married a man who never provided for her or their children.”

This was something I heard repeated over the years of my childhood. A woman should consider whether or not a man would be a good provider before she made the leap into marriage.

My how times have changed. These days we consider much more than the ability to provide a roof over our heads and food on the tablewhen choosing our mate.


I have been fortunate. Not only has my husband provided as my mom and aunts had envisioned but he has also provided me with support in whatever I choose to do whether it be taking on a new volunteer role or starting up a blog.

He has also provided our daughters, and now our grandsons, with a role model to look up to. A man who takes care of his family who is also their biggest cheerleader as they take on life’s challenges.

Yes, he is a good provider and, as our oldest grandson says, “that’s a good thing because God has many things to take care of so he needs good people to help him out down here on Earth.”

2 thoughts on “Provide”

  1. Joe Siccardi says:

    Visiting as your FMF neighbor. Wise words. Sounds like you latched on to one of God’s earthly angels. Have a blessed week and Easter season.

  2. Annette says:

    I am also blessed with a good man. It’s a lovely thing isn’t it?

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