My Other Life – Five Minute Friday

These days my life is filled with schoolbooks, field trips, writing, and reviewing homeschool products. A far cry from my “other” life where I spent my days sorting helping folks find their way through government services and regulations (when I wasn’t working on some political campaign or other.)

My life has certainly changed (for the better in my opinion) and I spend my days helping our grandson grow in his education.

I also appreciate having the opportunity to share our knowledge of different homeschool curriculums and products with other homeschooling families.

My other joy is traveling through North America with our grandson and whomever else in the family can join us. Because we drive, we have a wonderful chance to see all the beauty our continent has to share.

We’ve traveled to deserts, mountains, and seashores and thank God everyday for allowing to enjoy His bounty.

2 thoughts on “My Other Life – Five Minute Friday”

  1. SUSAN SHIPE says:

    I LOVE ROADTRIPS. You are talking my love language. Visiting from the FMF linkup today. I’m parked at #7

  2. Sue says:

    Your photos are beautiful and so many different types of landscape are included. I love it. Thanks for sharing! Visiting from FMF linkup!

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