Done and Moving On {Five Minute Friday}

Do you ever feel as though you are on a hamster wheel, running and running but never getting ahead? When I read this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt – done- that is the first thing that popped into my head. Not because I feel like I’m on that hamster wheel these days but because it was not too long ago that I made a decision that it was time to be “done” with a career that I loved and move on to other things.


Done FMF

A number of years ago while I was working on a political leadership campaign I received a call from another elected official whom I had great respect for but had never worked with. There was a merging of two parties happening and she was looking for a campaign manager. Someone had suggested she give me a call, explaining to her that I was already on a campaign but it would be over by the time hers would begin.

This was pretty much the story of my life for over 20 years, moving from one campaign to another in between working as an assistant to members of both federal and provincial (state) governments. At the same time I managed to be a Brownie and Girl Guide Leader, President of the local Women’s Institute (WI), be involved with Catholic Women’s League, and secretary of our parish council (there were other positions but this gives you an idea of how busy I kept myself.

Even though I would try to cut back and step away from some of my clubs and committees, there would inevitably be a call or I’d run into someone who needed just a bit of help and I’d get pulled in again. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being busy and involved in my community and I made a lot of friends over the year who I still stay in contact with. But there are limits before your health and family start to suffer.


So when my boss decided to retire from her position and not run in the next election, it was the perfect time for me to step back as well. Relax, travel, spend time with my husband and our girls, not to mention our grandson. So out came the travel brochures and plans were underway.


The office was closed and cleaned out. I was done. No more schedules and paperwork. A stress free life for me.

empty office

Screech…that’s me putting the brakes on. Although I thought I was getting away from paperwork and schedules there was something exciting waiting for me right around the corner. After some family discussions, the decision was made that I would begin to homeschool our grandson full time so he could take advantage of traveling with me and learning along the way.

After a trip to Nevada and California with hubby before Christmas (where we found a life-size statue of the Last Supper out in the desert) I settled in to being a homeschooling gramma in January.

last supper in the desert

And I’ve never looked back.


Sometimes it’s good to be done…and know when it’s the right time to move on to the next phase in your life.


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5 thoughts on “Done and Moving On {Five Minute Friday}”

  1. jenn says:

    Miss Kimmy, This sounds like a wonderful life to live. I, too, like politics here in the USA. I have volunteered with campaigns that have mostly lost. It’s hard to be the underdog. I too have found that there are seasons to work and others that are meant for more freedom in schedules. I love that you are traveling about with your grandson. That sounds lovely for both you and him! I hope you have a fabulous summer in finding time to read, write, and travel. Doing the same here in FL. Your FMF neighbor this week, Jenn

    1. Hi Jenn, I can relate to being the underdog but the important thing is we get involved. Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear you’ll have time to read, write, and travel this summer too! Miss Kimmy

  2. Liz says:

    It is amazing how closing the door one seasons leads to fresh opportunities in the next one. I am stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

  3. Yay! Sounds like an amazing journey!! (#52)

  4. Jennifer says:

    Home-schooling gramma – I think that is honestly the first time I have heard that one! What a wonderful treat…and I’m sure a blessing to all of you!! I hope that you are so enjoying yourself!!

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