I’m Thankful for the Little Things

There are times in our lives when we need a little help from our friends (relatives, strangers, co-workers…you get the idea) and at those times it is easy to notice and remember how many really good people there in the world. At other times it can be too easy to let this pass by or to even allow yourself to think today’s society doesn’t value good people and their actions.

Thanksgiving decorations


Thanksgiving is a time when I like to pause and count my many blessings. I don’t mean counting as in ticking numbers off on my fingers; it’s more like allowing myself to slow down and appreciate just how fortunate I am in my life. To remember those who are there when you need a shoulder to cry on (or to be rescued from the side of the highway when your vehicle breaks down – true story).

It’s easy to pick out the big moments, getting married, having children, and then later, grandchildren but too simple to allow the little things to slip by without realizing without them life would not be what it is.

Little Things

What do I mean by the little things? Well, things like my husband getting up in the morning to make us tea or coffee. Not a big deal until I realize he didn’t get to bed until after midnight and had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before. He is a locomotive engineer and is away every other day running trains through the Rocky Mountains; but when he is home, he is home and works hard to make up for the time he is away.

Spending time with family and friends

Family Time

I’m thankful for our three grown daughters and the wonderful women they have grown up to be. I’m thankful for the special times I have with each of them (including hunting for ice cream shops with our eldest).

I’m thankful for our two beautiful grandsons and the time we get to spend with them (not to mention the wonderful hugs). Having the trust of my daughter and son-in-law to homeschool these little wonders is a blessing to me (even on cranky days).


I’m thankful that in this busy world we have our little place in the country where our closest neighbors are the birds in the trees and the family of deer who hide out in them. I am thankful that our daughters and now our grandsons can grow up appreciating the bounty of nature.

I have a cousin who takes amazing pictures of wildlife. He has the patience of Job in waiting and watching to catch just the right shot. I am thankful that he shares his photos with all of us so we can appreciate nature as he sees it through the lens of his camera.

A beautiful butterfly from my cousin’s camera lens

Social Media?

I’m thankful for social media (I know, many of you aren’t) because it helps me stay connected to friends and family living around the world. We may not have long conversations, but it is wonderful to share those special (and simple) moments with pictures and little comments when they happen rather than waiting as we used to for the family Christmas letter!

Oh and getting back to that friend who came to my rescue on the side of the highway, I didn’t have her phone number with me but I was able to contact her through Facebook to see if she had any suggestions for someone I could hire to pick us up. Her response? I’m on way!

I was thankful too for the helpful mechanic who made sure to have us back on the road before check-out time at our hotel.

Be Thankful

As you can see, I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. I am thankful to the Disney cast member who helped us sort out our tickets and reservations that have been put into disarray with the arrival of Hurrican Dorian. I am thankful for all the first responders and others who are helping those folks who are helping folks prepare for the storm and sheltering those who have already suffered from its fury.

I hope that each of us takes the time to appreciate both the big and the little things every day of our lives and not only as we gather around the table with family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner this year. I know I’ll be appreciating the time I get to spend with my family next week at Walt Disney World.

My original article “Little Things” was previously posted on The Canadian Schoolhouse.

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