Welcome to Alberta

Returning home to Alberta after a recent road trip, we decided to stop at the Travel Alberta Milk River Visitor Information Centre for a quick break after crossing the U.S./Canada border at Sweetgrass/Coutts. This wasn’t our first visit but it was the first time we took the time to look around.

‘Rock formations’ in the parking lot

EJ loves to pick up brochures whenever we travel and this time was no different. We were all impressed with the selection of maps and guides available (and all for free.) We chose some guidebooks that contain suggested day (and longer) road trips for various parts of our province. These guides have given us some terrific ideas for ‘staycations’ this summer. Even though we live in Alberta and travel a lot, there are sites that we haven’t been to yet (or for a long time.)

Guides and maps provide info on various areas of Alberta. 

And the center doesn’t end there. Walking past the front area and (clean) washrooms, you enter an interactive area where kids can take a quiz on Alberta, dig for dinosaur bones, see mining equipment, and ride on a chuckwagon. Each of these exhibits represents a different area of Alberta and its culture and history. There is even a kiosk where you can make reservations at Alberta Provincial Campgrounds. (I recommend a visit to Dinosaur Provincial Park for anyone with kids who like anything prehistoric! We visited last summer and can’t wait to go again.)

For anyone planning an Alberta road trip this summer, the Milk River Centre is a great first stop if you are arriving from the south.

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