On the Eighth Day of Blogmas – Christmas Memories

For those of you who have been following along, I decided to participate in the ’12 Days of Blogmas’ challenge created by Britt at Alternatively Speaking. You will also know that I’ve put a bit of my own twist on some of my posts and today’s (8 Christmas Pictures) is no different.

I decided to sit down at my computer and look for eight photos that were share-worthy but I found myself traveling down memory lane. Not concerned with the quality of the photos but more about the memories they evoked so I decided to share eight Christmas memories with you all today.

My grama putting the finishing touches on our Christmas turkey

My first memory comes from my childhood when my mom’s younger sister decided she would host Christmas dinner in the tiny apartment where she lived with her husband and two children. Of course, not only would this have been the first time she hosted dinner, it was also the first time she had cooked a turkey on her own. Needless to say, the photo above shows my grama at the tiny stove, in the equally tiny kitchen, working to get dinner on the table. My aunt decided to wait until they had a larger home before hosting all of us again (which she did many times over the years!)


My next memory comes from that same Christmas (note all of the food on the coffee table since there wasn’t enough room in the aforementioned tiny kitchen for us all!) My aunt went all out in decorating that year, including the paper Santa fireplace and a real tree that took up a huge corner of her living room. I’m not sure how she managed to squeeze eight adults and six kids around the tables but I do remember having a lot of fun.

OK, maybe this one doesn’t look like a Christmas picture but trust me, it was a very special Christmas for me. My brother, knowing that I was a huge Peyton Manning fan, bought tickets in the second row on the 45-yard-line in Oakland for a Boxing Day (Canadian holiday, the day after Christmas) game with the Colts. Hubby and I used the hotel points he had been saving and had an amazing holiday in San Francisco for the first time before going to the game (the Colts won!)

I had always dreamed of spending Christmas at Walt Disney World. As a child, my family had visited several times, beginning with the first year it opened but we were never there for Christmas. A number of years ago my husband decided I had waited long enough and we booked our flights (we drove to Montana because the fares were much less from there, especially when you book the milk route 😄) and spent a wonderful 17 days at WDW. The highlight for me was the Candlelight Processional at Epcot where we heard Trace Adkins and a very talented choir retell the Christmas story. Not an evening I will soon forget.

My Charlie Brown tree memory comes from a year when hubby had a lot more vacation time than I did so he decided to drive to Disneyland for early Christmas with our daughters and grandson, fly them home, then fly me down to meet him in Las Vegas (it sounds more complicated than it was.) Since he had a couple of days on his own he decided to surprise me with this little tree and Christmas stockings in our hotel room. We still have that little tree and the sweet memories that go with it.

This simple photo of vintage paper wrapped books is a favorite because of its simplicity. I love how the paper evokes thoughts of a simpler time and of course, I love that the packages contain books. Each carefully chosen with the recipient in mind, making sure that it was something they would love to read (and that they didsn’t own it already!)

Memory seven comes from last Christmas when our daughter (she’s a dispatcher at the railway) was able to get tickets to ride on the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train. Our grandson was super excited to ride along with her and dressed for the occasion. Much to his surprise, one of the band members was his Christmas sweater twin (they had to pose for a pic!)

Memory number eight comes from last year when my husband (he’s a locomotive engineer) ran (drove) the CP Holiday Train from Calgary to Banff, Alberta. Our grandson (remember, he loves trains) and I drove out to meet the train part way and he was able to see his papa on the engine. This is one of my favorite pictures of the two of them and one of my favorite memories.

So there you have it, my eight Christmas pictures and the memories attached.

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