Kids and Sharks – A Fun Morning at SeaQuest Las Vegas

As regular readers of my blog know, we visit Las Vegas quite a lot. There are a few reasons for this, we have good friends who live there, it is a fairly easy drive from home, and there are some great restaurants and attractions for us to enjoy as a family.

We decided to check out a new to us spot this visit, SeaQuest Las Vegas. We had heard of SeaQuest locations in other cities but have never visited before so when we saw a brochure in our hotel lobby, we decided to invite our friends along and spend a couple of hours enjoying and learning about the various sea life that lives there.


Pricing was fairly reasonable (plus we had a coupon code for discounts on one-day admissions) but it can still add up when you have 3 adults, 1 senior, 8 children and 2 toddlers (they were free) so we made sure to get there when they opened so we had lots of time to see things before nap time.

SeaQuest is located at the south end of The Boulevard Mall so there is quite a bit of parking nearby, nice when you have a bunch of littles with you. Upon entering the mall, we realized there were other activity spots to walk by before arriving at the gift shop entrance to the aquarium. If you have really little ones you might want to consider a stroller.


The first area you come into is the Amazon Rainforest. This was also our first feeding station (we purchased tokens with our admission) so the kids got to feed the iguanas. This was a big hit.

They also got to tryout a canoe that reminded them of being in Moana.


Next, we moved on to the California Coast where we saw some amazing little moon jellies (they were fascinating to the adults in our group as well).


We all loved seeing the little starfish that had itself pressed against the glass.


Next we moved into the Caribbean Cove. This area has a huge tank where you can sit on a bench and watch to sea life swim around or step up to the top and feed them. There is also a space where the kids can sit and feel like they are in the tank (the youngest of our group were quite cautious of climbing into this little alcove but loved it once they figured out they could stay safe and dry while watching the “fishes” swim by.

In the Egyptian Desert there was a pair of toirtose that the kids were able to feed as well. These slow-moving creatures are fun to watch as they crawl over each other and simply enjoy the heat of their lamp.


Creatures of Light is a dark area where the sea life shows off its amazing colors under special lights. They are beautiful to watch.

EJ was happy to arrive at Mayan Jungle and its collection of parakeets and lorakeets. He has birds at home so felt confident to enter the cage with them (a word of caution though, you may end up with bird “stuff” on your clothing in this exhibit).

There is an outdoor play area, Eldorado Springs, where you can get some fresh air and sunshine while the little ones burn off some steam (it can get pretty muggy inside the aquarium so this made for a nice break).


After our break we headed back in and wandered over to Pirate Island where the kids took turns feeding the eels and sharks.


This area opens into the Adventurer Boardwalk where you will find a concession plus several kid friendly activities. The little ones loves the coloring boards where they could create and take home a picture. They also joined in with the older kids at the water tables (yes, they did get wet).


Then came the area the big kids had been looking for, Shark Lagoon. This area has its own special feed to purchase and the sealife certainly know you will have food! They got very active as soon as you stood near the edge and the older kids loved having the sharks come up to get their food. I noticed the rays and sharks pop up even as I was trying to take pictures. I guess they thought I might have some fish for them as well.




The kids all had a great time on our visit and even learned a few things about sealife as they had fun. If your kids like aquariums and sealife this might be just the spot to visit on your next visit to Las Vegas.

For more information on SeaQuest check out their website,

They have provided me with a special code just for my followers that will provide a 10% off the purchase of single-day admission, one per customer, from now until June 24, 2018. The code is: MissKimmy10


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