Keeping Track of Things as We Travel {Not Back to School Blog Hop}

As kids get older and begin to take more responsibility for their own learning it’s nice to be able to give them some new options. One of these for us is travel journaling. EJ has kept a bit of a journal in the past but it was more just somewhere he could draw pictures and stick ticket stubs.

My Travel Journal

For years I have stuffed my planners full of stickers, ticket stubs, photos, and ideas for future travel. EJ decided to join in the fun last year. I wrote about this in a guest post for the Review Crew earlier this year.

EJ’s Travel Journal

Since beginning more of a smashbook journal, EJ has become more interested in all the planning for road trips. While he has liked to follow our route on Google maps for a long time now he helps us look at it ahead of time. He also spends more time perusing our auto club tour guides (just like V1 did when she was his age). This can be a big help (but it also adds another opinion to the mix).

EJ’s travel journal has turned into more of a travel notebook now. It has pages devoted to bucket list locations as well as memories of places we’ve already been. He also collects travel brochures as we visit welcome centers. If he sees something interesting we check to see if it fits in our road trip schedule or he adds it to his “on the next trip” bucket list. We have some lengthy bucket lists!

Finding Surprising Gems

While I often have a good idea of attractions we may want to visit on a road trip, there are times when our trip has a particular focus so don’t look for anything extra. One of these was a couple of weeks ago when we visited Madison, Wisconsin for the Madison Children’s Museum American Girl Benefit Sale.

For this trip, I simply booked our campsites and purchased tickets and T-shirts for the event. I didn’t spend any time checking out the local area. EJ expected we would have a list of things to do and see like usual and seemed disappointed I wasn’t giving him facts about the area as we drove there. Not that we didn’t stop anywhere along the way, we had the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota on our stop in for a quick look list.

So it appears that even though I sometimes get complaints about “teaching things al the time” the young man has gotten used to it and even come to enjoy it.

Travel Benefits for Homeschoolers

After traveling and homeschooling almost full time for a few years now I’ve come to appreciate just how beneficial it has been. I shouldn’t be surprised since I traveled a lot as a child and took correspondence courses (that’s what was offered to my parents at the time) and I can remember creating projects based on some of the spots we had visited. The Wright Brothers and Kitty Hawk are ones that come to mind. I remember picking up postcards from these spots along with brochures and perhaps a book or two (books are still some of my favorite souvenirs).

These days I find EJ pointing out things that he has learned and where he saw them as we do our regular schoolwork. History, social studies, and science are terrific subjects to learn about as we travel.

The Next Generation

So now we have a new generation in our family, taking photos and keeping track of our travels and helping to plan our road trips of the future.

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