I is for Ice Cream {Blogging Through the Alphabet}

As I contemplated my destination of choice for the Letter I in this round of Blogging Through the Alphabet, our middle daughter suggested instead of choosing only one spot I choose several – and so the idea of our Top 10 Ice Cream Shops to visit on our road trips was born.

We have enjoyed a sweet creamy treat at each of these spots at least once during our travels and can absolutely recommend them to you.


1 Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Store – Oklahoma

As hubby and I were driving through Oklahoma after Christmas last year we began to see signs for Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Store. After spotting the first few we talked about this perhaps being a local chain much like Culver’s that started out in Wisconsin and has now spread to several states including Utah (this is important to me since it is the shortest drive from my home where I can satisfy my craving for frozen custard and a cheddar butter burger!)

We decided to stop in and check it out and were pleasantly surprised to find a little grocery area with Braum’s dairy and bakery products and pretty much everything else you would need including fresh produce.

Heading over to the fast food counter we were faced with some tough decisions. We ended up ordering lunch combos that allowed us the upgrade our soda to a delicious creamy milkshake for free. After that, we had to wait to try an ice cream cone until a later trip!

I checked out Braum’s website after lunch and found this family business includes everything in the food chain from growing the feed for the cows to milking to dairy processing. It is indeed a family owned and run business that has expanded in its 50 plus year history. Nice to know where your food comes from.

And yes we did stop later that night in Texas and discovered some amazing ice cream flavors to enjoy!


Berry parfait at Jaxsons

2 Jaxsons Icecream – Dania Beach Florida

A friend of mine who lived in Miami at the time would post pictures of her children enjoying ice cream sundaes that were “larger than their heads” at a spot on Dania Beach. Learning about Jaxsons from her and expecting to stand in line to get in did help prepare us for the day but still to see that Saturday afternoon queue was amazing.

Owned and operated by Monroe Udell for over 50 years this little rustic ice cream shop and diner has some amazing flavors on its menu, all still made in his original batch freezers. And then you get into the sundae options, those are equally extravagant and delicious.

We decided that sundaes this size did qualify as lunch so the only one to sample a hot dog was our grandson who declared it and his hot fudge sundae as delicious.


3 Milky Way Ice Cream – Regina, Saskatchewan

A tiny little shop on Victoria Avenue in the capital city of Regina made it on my list of favorites simply for their delicious and creamy saskatoon berry sundae. A berry that is local to Western Canada and beloved by many of us, this tiny fruit is a late summer gem.

Although we parked in behind the store, there isn’t a lot of room there so many families walk to this social spot on a warm summer evening. Serving the area for over 60 years this historic shop is one of those family spots where children and children of children enjoy the same sweet and creamy treats as their grandparents did. Certainly worth a visit if you are in the area!

4 Cows – PEI

The first time I ever tried Cows ice cream was on the Waterfront in Halifax. I was spending time out there working on an election campaign and decided to do a little sightseeing. This quirky little shop boasts delicious ice cream and a selection of fun souvenirs including T-shirts featuring pop culture graphics.

Started in PEI by Scott Linkletter (distant relative perhaps?) this chain has now grown to include a location in Banff, AB so we can now visit while visiting one of our favorite national parks!

A word of warning, this spot is super busy during the summer and has lots of customers even during the colder months so be patient. The ice cream is worth the wait.

5 MacKay’s – Cochrane, Alberta

Located in historic downtown Cochran Alberta. MacKay’s Ice Cream has operated since 1948 and spanning three generations of the MacKay family.

This is a spot that many families in the area think of for a Sunday drive during spring and summer so it’s not at all unusual to find a line-up out onto the sidewalk out front. The flavors are terrific and they are always doing research into new ones. Right now they are featuring Haskap berry, a locally grown Canadian superfruit. Delicious!

6 Leatherby’s Family Creamery – Sacramento, California

Another family-run ice cream spot, Leatherby does not only serve amazing ice cream they also make their own delicious caramel and chocolate sauces. Sundaes named after family members or build-your-owns can cause quite a quandary when trying to decide which sweet and creamy treat you would like to order.

Leatherby’s also serves a good variety of sandwiches and burgers for lunch and dinner.

Currently, three generations of the Leatherby family work in the business and keep true to their values and quality.

7 BDI: Bridge Drive-In – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Located on the Red River beside the Elm Park walking bridge this tiny neighborhood ice cream shop has been serving families for over 55 years. Another spot that was recommended by a friend (you’ll see a trend here) this shop serves some of the creamiest soft-serve I’ve had anywhere.

There is little parking on the shop side of the river so many families park across the bridge and enjoy walking across in the sunshine. No matter which way you arrive there is no doubt you’ll leave with a smile on your face after trying their monstrous sized banana split or one of their upside down shakes. I had something called upside down peach that was a peach milkshake topped with a peach sundae that featured fresh peaches. Delicious!

9 Bordens Ice Cream Shoppe – Lafayette, Louisiana

When we travel hubby likes to look up unique spots to visit and eat. For our recent travels to Louisiana, he was happy to find the last remaining Borden Ice Cream Shop in Lafayette. Built-in 1940 and later inherited by the University of Southern Louisiana, this unique landmark was purchased from the University with the promise that it would continue to serve ice cream made in the old fashioned way, the Borden Way.

As soon as we drove up we could appreciate what this place must have been like back in the 40s and 50s and inside was the same. Renovated to keep the feel of the original, this soda shop was absolutely fascinating to our grandson. We started off our dinner with hot dogs and continued on with crispy cones filled with creamy smooth ice cream in our favorite flavors. So nice to see a little piece of history saved for our future generations to enjoy!


8 D Dutchman Dairy Sicamous, British Columbia

Continuing with my theme of family operated and recommended to me by friends and family members ice cream shops, D Dutchman Dairy is more than just ice cream. We never fail to stop at this farm fresh dairy store on our way through and are certain to bring home old fashioned glass bottles of their milk and buttermilk plus a few pounds of their artisan cheese (we love the aged white cheddar).

And then there is the ice cream. I love ice cream with fruit so flavors like cherry blossom, peaches n cream, and blueberries n cream are right up my alley. Our grandson is a huge fan of Tiger-Tiger and there are tons of flavors for the rest of the family to spend several minutes to decide on. On your next trip across the Trans Canada in the Shuswap be sure to make a stop.

Here’s a little video to tell you more about D Dutchman.

On your next trip across the Trans Canada in the Shuswap be sure to stop in and have a scoop or two.

10 Sargent Sundae – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Another location that I heard about through social media posts of friends who live in the area. After seeing the pictures of their kids enjoying creamy dishes of perfection while dancing around to local musicians in the side yard we had to make a stop there.

And we were not disappointed. I had the maple walnut sundae while our daughter tried out the seasonal pumpkin pie specialty. Both were amazing and deserve a second visit when we’re in the area again.

So there you have it, ten of our favorite ice cream shops around North America.

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4 thoughts on “I is for Ice Cream {Blogging Through the Alphabet}”

  1. Annette says:

    oh sure…now you have me craving ice cream! 🙂

  2. Lori says:

    I have to warn you – Braums is good but you better try Blue Bell next time you are down Texas-way. Many blue-blooded Texans claim the only ice cream that is worth eating is Blue Bell. (I can still claim my NM roots since there are many others I think are just as good.)

    Your post has me wanting to take an ice cream tour of as many different places as I can find. Looking at these yummy shakes late at night is feeding my craving!

    1. Blue Bell has officially been added to my must visit list!

  3. Kristen says:

    Okay…I now want to have ice cream. These all looked so delicious!

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