Having a Quiet Day on Vacation

There are some days when you just feel like hanging out in your pajamas until noon. Sometimes these days come during your vacation, particularly if you have been traveling for some time or have a fairly full itinerary. I find that, especially when traveling with children, planning a quiet day or two can make everyone’s holiday a lot more fun.

A quiet day at the pool can help recharge everyone’s batteries on a long vacation

Think about it, after a full day at Disney or Universal we adults are exhausted. Consider then our children who have walked at least twice as many steps throughout the day as they run up ahead and back again, eager to get to the next ride or attraction. Added to this their excitement and its effect on their emotional energies. Just watching them and trying to keep up wears us out!

A cozy spot to curl up in for a bedtime story

Whenever I can, I try to book an extended stay hotel like Marriott’s Residence Inn, Vacation Club or TownPlace Suites for at least part of our road trip. They offer comfortable lodgings where we can spread out a bit. Each suite has a small kitchen where we can prepare our own meals, including our grandson’s favorite KD. All of the kitchens have a stovetop and microwave and some come with a full-size range. We’ve even managed to cook both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at these hotels while on the road, complete with a gingerbread house.

We have stayed at some nice long-term stay suites with other chains, but we like the Marriott properties and as a platinum member of their loyalty club I often get upgrades and like to collect the points to use for future stays.

Anyone who has gone on a road trip with children knows that they create a lot of laundry. Every stop at a sandy beach or playground, not to mention a rainy day outdoors, adds to the normal everyday changes of clothes so unless you have a ton of space in your vehicle to pack for two or three weeks, you’ll want to have access to a good washer and dryer. We’ve found the ones provided at long term stay hotels are generally in good condition and convenient to your room. Some are right by the pool or fitness centre so you can work out or relax while you wait for the dryer to finish.

After a day or two of relaxing by the pool (or catching up on those Netflix series you’ve been missing while away), everyone is recharged and ready to hit the road again.
A day at the beach is fun but oh…all that sand

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