First Las Vegas Concert

Music has always been important in our home. Our grandson has grown up listening to a broad variety of artists from country to pop to classic rock and even rock operas. I have to say his favorites are Katy Perry, Reba, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Trace Adkins, but he sings along to many others during our drives.

Visiting Las Vegas quite often, he had seen the billboards for Cirque shows and asked if he could go one day. Once he was old enough, we took him to see The Beatles’ Love at the Mirage. He was totally pumped to go and the show didn’t disappoint. His mom and aunt managed to find us really good tickets at the corner of the stage so it felt like we were part of the action. He loved the music and insisted we buy the CD so we could listen to it again, and again, and again. He was even more excited when we explained that Cirque du Soleil came from Canada…he is very patriotic and loves all things Canadian.

He had to imitate the pose

Last year we decided to take him to see Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay since he loves MJ’smusic. Looking at various reviews, we decided to purchase tickets that were a little further back so we could see all of the action and the performers that ‘float’ above the audience. We chose seats that were right above an entry so we had no one in front of us. This is helpful when you have a small child so they don’t have to look through heads to see the stage. I should add that both Cirque theatres did provide booster seats.

I remember him telling a friend he was going to see Michael Jackson in Las Vegas before our trip. I had to explain that it was a show with his music and that Michael Jackson had died. The poor little guy was broken hearted. He had been listening to his music since birth and couldn’t imagine he wasn’t still alive. Proof that his music continues to live on with a new generation.

Although we have taken the little man to concerts at home in Calgary and other cities, he had never been to a Las Vegas concert. Since he and his mom hadn’t seen Celine Dion and we all like her music, we chose to see her new show at Ceasars Palace. Our eldest daughter and I are huge fans and were happy to see her again. We bought tickets in the second balcony that were reasonably priced and offer a great view of the entire stage. The seats are well tiered up there so no problem for shorter folks to see over the row in front of them.

After fighting the traffic on the Strip (a taxi had broken down at the entrance to Ceasars) we drove straight into their valet parking. We like this parking since it is close to the Forum and there isn’t a lot of the casino to walk through, especially important with children. There were a few others rushing in at the last minute too and security got us all through quickly. We managed to make it just in time for her first song.

The highlight of the concert was when Celine sang Incredible. The little man looked at us and said, “this is her!? I thought this was Katy Perry!” He proceeded to sing along and ‘conduct the music’ to one of his favorite songs. He was also very excited about her ‘Titanic’ song and thought the water falling ‘right on stage’ was very cool. He had a great time and insisted we put her music on in the van for the drive back to the hotel. He now includes her as one of his favorites 🙂

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