F is for Flower and Garden {Blogging Through the Alphabet}

There are a couple of things on our bucket list that hubby and I were both excited to do together. The first was to spend at least a month at Walt Disney World, the second was to visit the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. We managed these both at the same time a couple of years ago when I retired from my day job and began to homeschool our grandson. (You can read about how we managed this on a budget in my previous post, Thirty Days at Disney World on a Budget.) Hubby was able to take six weeks of vacation so off we went, mini-van packed with schoolbooks and everything else we thought we might need for the 2900 mile journey from western Canada across to the far southeast of the United States.


The first thing we realized about the Flower and Garden Festival is just how much there is to see and how well things are laid out to help guests learn about growing plants, insect life, butterflies, aquaculture, and conservation. There was more but these are the ones that stand out in my mind.

We were definitely able to connect our visits to Epcot with what EJ was learning. They had an amazing display on the life cycle of butterflies that we spent quite some time in since we could watch the caterpillars mature in their chrysalis and hatch into beautiful butterflies.

There were also displays and demonstrations of edible flower gardens and other sustainable plantings in The Land pavilion. They regularly have a Behind the Seeds tour that is great for teaching kids (and bigs) about different ways of growing crops.


Along with all of this were the fun kid zones like the Music Garden Melodies playground. This area had lots of spots for kids to interact, play “musical instruments”, and discover the properties of various plants.


All of the gardens were beautifully kept (I wish I had their gardeners!) and many were a collection of plants with a purpose like the Health and Healing Garden:


And the Water Wise Garden:


Of course, on top of all of this were the traditional amazing garden displays, including the topiaries that were always my mom’s favorites!


Don’t you just love these “bonus” photos that come with your Memory Maker!

Of all the festivals and events we’ve attended at Disney Parks, Flower and Garden is one of my favorites. I enjoy sipping an icy cold drink while relaxing on a bench in the sunshine, taking in all of the floral abundances.

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5 thoughts on “F is for Flower and Garden {Blogging Through the Alphabet}”

  1. Kristen says:

    This looks like such an awesome time to visit! So many exciting plant-related things to view and study.

  2. Annette says:

    that just looks like an amazing trip, so many plants and gardens. WOW!

  3. Dawn says:

    That looks like so much fun! I will have to look into the festival as we hope to plan a trip down there next year.

  4. Lori says:

    You have had some amazing moments. This garden show is definitely one of them. I have not heard of it before but this would be the only reason I would want to visit Walt Disney World – I love gardens!

  5. Kirsten says:

    Oh, this looks like such a great place to visit! Thank you for sharing!

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