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E is for Edmonton {Blogging through the Alphabet}

Continuing with my theme of places to visit for this round of Blogging Through the Alphabet I decided to feature our provincial capital – Edmonton – for the letter E.

Edmonton and Calgary have always been rivals and from the time I was young I remember hearing about the Battle of Alberta – most recently this has referred to sporting rivals but it truly began much before this – back to when the CPR decided to take the southern route through Calgary rather than the more northerly Edmonton route when they built the national railway that connected our country from coast to coast.

Calgary is the home of Canadian Pacific Railway

Now we have the Canadian Football League Stampeders (yes, we won the Grey Cup this year) and they have the Eskimos. We have the National Hockey League Flames (first in the Pacific Division and have clinched a playoff berth) and they have the Oilers. Yes, I am pleased to report that our teams are leading theirs these days but this wasn’t always the case (we had a number of years of shaming at their hands).

Our kids start young when it comes to cheering for the home team!

So now that I have cleared this up and you understand I am writing about the rival city to my hometown, you will know that I truly enjoy the following field trip spots in that city and area since I certainly would not be talking them up if they didn’t deserve it.

My Top Choices for Field Trips in the Edmonton, Alberta Area

Telus World of Science Edmonton

While we do have a science centre here in Calgary, we really enjoy visiting the one located in Edmonton. There are so many things to do there and they have some amazing special exhibits. They also have fun and educational homeschool days several times a year so we visit there quite often. 

Checking out the desk for clues during the Sherlock Holmes exhibit

Over the past couple of years, we have visited special exhibits on Sherlock Holmes, Pixar, Angry Birds, Pop Culture, and Dinosaurs. These traveling exhibits bring a bit of the rest of the world to our family and teach us about science and art. This year we already have trips planned for the traveling exhibits for Myth Busters and Marvel. These are going to be huge hits with our 12-year-old grandson for sure!

All of this in addition to the normal science centre type activities kids are naturally drawn to.

Fort Edmonton

Have you ever wondered how your city began? Well if you live in Edmonton all you need to do is visit Fort Edmonton Park where you can learn about the history of the are going back to the First Nations People and the establishment of the Hudson’s Bay Company forts. This is another spot that runs some terrific homeschool days and is interactive enough to keep your kids interested while they learn about history.

Cooking bannock over an open fire

Currently, Fort Edmonton Park is undergoing a major reorganization and upgrades with hopes to turn it into the premier cultural tourism attraction in Western Canada so will only be open for select public and private functions. We’re certainly looking forward to the grand reopening scheduled for 2021!

Royal Alberta Museum

The Royal Alberta Museum recently opened at its new site in downtown Edmonton. This is an amazing facility that houses a variety of collections including those on Indigenous Peoples, military and political history, Western Canadian history, life sciences, and conservation.

One of the great things about this museum is that admission is included with the Experience Alberta’s History Annual Pass, an affordable way to visit sites all over Alberta. One note is that there is little parking at the site so be sure to check out lots that are in walkig distance or public transit.

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Another stop on the Alberta History Pass, the Ukrainian Village is a few miles east of Edmonton and tells the story of Ukrainian settlement in the province. This historic village has hands-on school programs and docents who bring the old ways to life so you can feel totally immersed in learning and culture.

There are farmhouses, churches, a grain elevator, schoolhouse, and stores that you can visit and learn about. This park is spread out over a large area so if you have anyone in your group who has mobility issues be sure to check into the mobility scooters they have to borrow for a small amount of money. You will also find a stroller handy for your littles since there is quite a walk between many of the buildings.

So there you have it, our four favorite spots to visit in Edmonton and area. There are others of course (think West Edmonton Mall) but these are the ones we find ourselves going back to again and again.

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  1. Telus World of Science sounds like a great field trip destination, especially with those traveling exhibits. I wish we had something like that near where I am.

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